Follow an interesting debate with Bob

Dear Bob.

Shalom, and welcome with this comment.

Who told the Government, that you might be a potential Islamic terrorist?

Arab Palestinian terrorism has lead to all air travelers being screened and many stripped.

It is funny, that you are looked up on as a potential terrorist at your local airport, while both Islamist’s  and “peace now activists” that want to enter Gaza unchecked is honored by all Governments as hero’s?

How come that you have to open your bag at the airport, but Israel is denied their right to look into the bags of Jihadist’s?

You might feel that I am the hypocrite here. But just reflect on this, and let me know what you think.

To all my readers: This is the link:

And another article to read about this topic:

Letter from Bob:

what the hell is wrong with this person its totalatarian and leading to a new world order to SEARCH FOR BOMBS but its ok to SEGRAGATE international air travel? You sir are the biggest hypocrite i have ever seen and YOU are whats wrong with america.

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