Sderot teens share rocket life with Israeli Knesset

The citizens of Sderot have 15 seconds to find a shelter when rockets are fired into Israel from Gaza.

The youth of Sderot have to live in fear of the next rocket attack from Gaza.

When the Jews was ordered to leave Gaza in 2005, many people warned that a Jew-free-zone in Gaza would not bring peace to Israel.

The people of the city of Sderot is the best evidence that the policy called  – land for peace – is a complete failure.

With two months until the end of the school year, several students at the religious AMIT high school of Sderot found themselves fulfilling a lifelong dream. Rotem Timsit and nine other Sderot girls, high school-aged actresses, who are part of Sderot Media Center’s Community Treatment Theater, got to perform in the Knesset .

In front of a full house which included Knesset speaker and MK Reuven Rivlin, former Defense Minister Amir Peretz and other MKs, as well as students from Boyar High School of Jerusalem, the girls performed – Children of Qassam Avenue -.

Knesset Chariman Reuven Rivlin and former Defense Minister Amir Peretz listened to the youth from Sderot.

A theatrical production that tells the story of teenage girls growing under rocket fire, the play is based on the true life experiences of the Sderot girls, who spent a year undergoing drama therapy to overcome PTSD symptoms resulting from rocket terror.

“This is more than just a play,” said Noam Bedein, director of Sderot Media Center.

“The idea of this production is to inspire a change in perception of the Israel/Sderot-Gaza conflict. The past decade of rocket attacks, and the tremendous psychological damage done to a population of young children and teenagers, is often completely ignored or overlooked by mainstream media both in Israel and internationally.”

Source: Sderot Media Center.

My comment:

The World does not like to talk about Sderot.  The Israeli town next to the Gaza border is the best example of the failed peace process in the Middle East.

The United Nations, EU, USA, The quartet, the Pope and World Council of Churces wants to force Israel to hand over land to Islamic organizations. – This is the best way to get peace, we are told.

When the Arab Palestinians managed to get the – land of Gaza -, did peace come to the Middle East?

From 2005 to 2007, the Gaza border towards Egypt was open for all kind of trade.

This  – free trade – and shipment of – aid – only resulted in re-arming of Radical Islam. Sderot is the best example that the followers of Muhammad wants all of Israel.

The Islamic Jihad is a Global war, that will also come to your home. Please learn from Sderot.

Photo Credit: Jacob Shrybman, Sderot Media Center

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