NATO-Turkey likens Israel to al-Qaeda threaten to brake all ties

“Israeli raid ‪‪closer to act of terror group than of sovereign state. Israel must offer compensation if it wants forgiveness‬‬”.

"Death to America". That is the slogan of Iranian president Ahmadinejad. Now Abdullah Gul has made NATO-Turkey and Iran close partners for "peace".

The Turkish Islamic president Abdullah Gul used an interview with the Paris daily Le Monde to accuse Israel of acting like al Qaeda.

Gul told the paper that if Israel made no move to heal the rift, then Turkey could even decide to break diplomatic relations.

In an interview published on Friday, Gul said the Israeli raid at the end of May, which killed nine activists, was a “crime” which might have been carried out by the likes of Al Qaeda rather than a sovereign state.

Asked what these might be, he said: “Firstly, to ask pardon and to establish some sort of compensation.” He added that he also wanted to see an independent inquiry into the botched raid and a discussion on lifting Israel’s blockade of Gaza.


My comment:

Do Turkey have the right to control the sea waters of Turkey?

If a Greek -aid-  convoy had tried to by-pass the Turkish Navy off Northern Cyprus, would the Turkish navy have allowed them to enter?

Since Northern Cyprus has been illegally occupied by Turkey since 1974, what makes Turkey feel it can point fingers towards Israel?

When Turkey compare Israel to Al Qaeda, its seems like the Ankara Government has forgotten its own terrorist act towards the Kurdish minority in Eastern Turkey.  Muslims fighting Muslims.

Al Qaeda has like Turkey, killed and crippled their own Muslim brethren.

Is there any other faiths who have launched a war on followers of Islam like Islamic leaders them selves?

There is no truth in the Turkish accusations against Israel.  Better not throw stones on others, when you sit inside a house of glass.

2 thoughts on “NATO-Turkey likens Israel to al-Qaeda threaten to brake all ties

  1. Well, it don’t seem like they idiots want much do they.The one finger salute is actually too good for them.They have more nerve than brains and live in a fools paradise!They smile for the camera but they are clearly evil and there is no amount of anything that will make Ahmadinejad look intelligent, clean or decent. Their yammerings are about as loathsome to hear as a cat fight and far less valid. There is no purpose to the panderings of these yardbirds that seem to believe the reason they have a green light is because of obam but I am here to tell you obama is NOT bigger than Father God in Christ Jesus Name and their attempts to look legitimate are utter and absolute failures! Disgusting!

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