NATO-Turkey to freely trade with Syria at war with Israel

Blessed by the Arab League, Turkey is going to establish a free trade zone with Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

The Turkish Prime Minister and Syrian President forms a new alliance that is hostile to the state of Israel.

Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria agreed to set up a free trade zone, complete with a visa-free travel regime for their nationals, a joint declaration issued said.

The four countries will establish a cooperation council “to develop a long-term strategic partnership” and “create a zone of free movement of goods and persons among our countries,” it said.

The deal was agreed by the foreign ministers of the four countries who met on the sidelines of a Turkey-Arab cooperation forum in Istanbul.

Turkey’s Islamist-rooted government, in power since 2002, has significantly improved ties with the Arab world, often neglected in the past amid the country’s traditionally pro-Western orientation.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu dismissed suggestions that Turkey’s growing ties with Eastern neighbors represented a search for an alternative to the country’s struggling bid to join the European Union.

Source: The Saudi Gazette.

My comment:

The World is rapidly changing. Two years ago the US lead NATO-alliance branded Syria as a member of the axes of evil, together with Iran and North Korea.

Now, NATO-member Turkey has embraced Syria as both a peace partner, a nation they do military drills with, and finally as a member of a new free trade zone.

Since Syria still is at war with Israel, and do supply rockets to both Hezb’Allah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, how is the US going to react to this Turkish initiative?

Has the so-called axes of evil changed, or has the NATO-alliance changed?

Is there any pro-democratic change in Syria, any improvement in the Islamic regimes Human right’s account, any sign of free press, that would justify the latest Turkish embrace of Syria?

Or is it just hate towards the state of Israel that drives the two Muslim powers closer to each other?

You do not have to be a school graduate to answer this questions.

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