Israel discovers gas while the world fumes

Israel has struck natural gas to energise the country for at least 50 years into the future.

No longer only for Arabs. Israel can now look after its own energy needs.

Week end comment

By Mike Adams.

The waters off the Israeli coast have, in the past week, been the focus of not just one major news item, but two. In the midst of the Gaza flotilla crisis, it was announced that Israel had struck natural gas to energise the country for at least 50 years into the future.

Gas has, of course, connotations with what’s coming out of the world’s front and back end when it continues to condemn Israel for doing Europe, and all other continents, a great favour. The Israelis are actually proactively preventing Iran from establishing a beachhead in the Mediterranean via Hamastan-on-Sea, otherwise known as the Port of Gaza, by blockading all human undesirables with their contraband and continuing to maintain the embargo on arms shipments.

Media “gas” sells like bottles of expensive tap water passed off as precious glacier water to gullible tourists. After the initial media briefing, “drunk” politicians around the world assume a know-all attitude whereby they come under the influence of the UN spirit, damning Israel in a way that would make any lying Palestinian Arab gleam with pride.

Exciting as real gas may be, the Leviathan gas field find could turn out to be a trophy in the making for Islamic terrorist states. Iran and her fanatical followers would see the Leviathan monster as something to be pulled down and destroyed. Any kind of monument endorsing the Zionist entity would pose a threat to Ahmadinejad’s megalomaniac plans for world dominion for the Shiites and Shia Islam. Global destruction is the only way Ahmadinejad knows to “finally fulfil the greatness of the Iranian nation” to twist a quote by Barack Hussein Obama at his press conference on Iran sanctions.

The Israeli navy will almost certainly have to be deployed in securing that gas production in the Eastern Mediterranean is undisturbed by maritime jihadists. The first deliveries of gas are set to begin in late autumn 2012. Realising the full potential will only materialise if Israel can export large quantities of methane energy. Europe and the Far East are prospective markets, but there is no way, as of today, for Israel to be sure of who will buy such a commodity from the Jewish state. In a time where the world sees Israel as the big bad wolf to be shied away from, there’s no telling of how being reliant on Israeli gas imports will go down in energy-hungry countries around the globe. But as we know far too well, hypocrisy and double standards is the universal norm when it comes to doing business with Israel.

Israel’s self-sufficiency in the field of energy would significantly strengthen the shekel as well as create jobs. The boost for the country’s economy would reduce the current unemployment rate of 7.4 percent, which is still quite lower than the average of most other OECD countries. Another weighty benefit would be the termination of a deal with Egyptian company East Mediterranean Gas that started exporting natural gas to Israel in 2008, under a 20-year agreement at a fixed price. However, an Egyptian high court ruled in March that the company must price the gas to reflect international market rates. Israel has indeed no need of a fickle neighbour who wheels and deals as she so desires.

Leader of the Israeli gas-finding consortium, billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, says that there may be an oil field beneath the gas. That would put to shame Prime Minister Golda Meïr’s comment that Moses could have picked somewhere other than “the one spot in the Middle East that has no oil” as a Jewish homeland.

When it comes to Israel’s God blessing the Arab world with oil and then it turning up in the Levant Basin Province belonging to the Promised Land, the words of the Messiah still ring true: “So the last will be first, and the first will be last”. Israel has, in this matter, nothing to lose. Remember the words of Solomon the Wise: “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it”.

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