Obama lead NATO: – Fight Taliban, but please help Hamas

The difference between Taliban and Hamas is that the terrorists in Gaza presently only kill Jews.

Taliban yesterday destroyed a NATO convoy in Pakistan.

NATO-member states are lead by hypocrites. They do fight Radical Islam in Islamic nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan, but support the same Islamic terrorists in Gaza lead by NATO-member Turkey.

There is only marginal differences between the two groups. Both Hamas and Taliban fights, kill and cripple their opponents shouting – Allah is great -. Both organizations works for a global Islamic revolution.

Two days ago a NATO convoy was attacked only three kilometers outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Seven people died. About 75 per cent of the supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan is transported through the Nuclear armed Islamic republic of Pakistan.

While NATO do all it can to stop Taliban for being re-armed, the same NATO-members are doing all it can to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

It there some kind of jealousy here?

Because, while NATO is failing in Afghanistan, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has effectively managed to stop Hamas from being re-armed.

NATO is doing double standards.  There is no logic, and absolutely no excuse for helping Hamas to re-arm, and do the opposite with Taliban.  While Hamas wants to capture Jerusalem, Taliban wants to capture Kabul and Islamabad.

Lead by the commander in chief in Washington, President Barack Hussein Obama, NATO had been led into total confusion about who the enemy is.  No longer can people speak freely and say: – The emperor has no clothes on- .  Obama’s defense of Islam as a – peaceful religion -, is utter none sense.  The enemy is Islam as it is written in the Koran. The Muslims are called by the Koran to kill and cripple non-believers, who rejects the message from an Arab called Muhammad.

If Taliban win the war in Pakistan, than Islamic Jihadist will gain control over the Pakistani nuclear weapons.

If Hamas win the war with Israel, the same Islamic Jihad’ists will gain control over the Israeli nuclear weapons.

When Hamas killes Jews, they defend them selves. When Tailban kill NATO troops, it is called terrorism.

What is the difference?

Obama yesterday suggested a 400 million USD aid package to Hamas controlled Gaza. Will he do the same to Taliban controlled Helmud province in Afghanistan?

When Taliban is able to destroy a full NATO convoy in the heart of Pakistan: How can NATO-politicians even suggest that this organization is capable to look after the security of Israel?

With the support of Islamic controlled Turkey, Radical Islam believes Israel will soon be destroyed. And when the Jewish statehood is gone, London, Paris and Washington will be next.

Source: Multiple media

2 thoughts on “Obama lead NATO: – Fight Taliban, but please help Hamas

  1. The war against Hamas is an Israeli one. It’s Israels job to take care of its own problems. Why doesn’t Israel actually solve the issue itself? It’s not like it cares what the international community thinks anyway, just get it done.

    NATO is a military alliance, which Israel is not a part of. I should hope that if Israel were to declare war on a member of NATO, that the US would come honor its alliances should a member nation request it.

    The US has no military alliance with Israel. The cold war is over, the US needs to realize that Israel is no longer useful for foreign policy.

    Israel alone is responsible for Israel…

    1. Dear Dave.

      Shalom, and welcome with a comment on this important issue.

      Let me ask you: If Israel was a NATO-member, would the US demand a lift in the Israeli naval border control towards Gaza?

      What did NATO do in West-Germany? Let all kind of goods flow freely over the border to East Germany?

      What about North Korea? Would NATO-member USA allow any kind of goods to flow into the Communist regime?

      Hamas is supplied by Iran. Why do the USA want to en force some kind of border control and sanctions on Iran, but demands a free flow of goods into Gaza?

      There seems to be a double standard here. Like I said. Its almost insane of the US to fight and kill Taliban, and open the gates for the Taliban of Gaza.

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