King of the south Egypt, will oppose king of the North Iran

Israel will soon face support from an unexpected source. The King of the South.

Iran is ready to march on Israel. But Egypt might oppose the Persian militray plan.

The book of Daniel explains to us that there will be an end time battle between two kingdoms. On is located south of Israel, and one North of Jerusalem.

Daniel 11:11.
“Then the king of the South will march out in a rage and fight against the king of the North, who will raise a large army, but it will be defeated.

Let me first say: There has been many kings opposing and supporting Israel, way back in ancient times. But this modern day drama might also suit the prophetic word. Since nations like Turkey, Russia and Iran now is forging an kingdom like alliance, there seems to be no doubt about who this northern Kingdom would be. 

But who is the southern Kingdom that will oppose them, and give them a fight?

Simple political knowledge about  the Middle East, points to Egypt.  After the Shiite Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, Egypt has warned the Sunny Arabic World about the influence of Persia.

The Kingdom of the South still control the Suez canal.

If Iran tries to open the Egyptian supported blockade of Gaza, then Egypt will have to act. The Kingdom of the South will simply not allow Iranian Navy ships to pass through the Suez canal.

If Iran manages to open an Iranian sea port in Gaza, than the Shiit’s has managed to establish an export center of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in the heart of the Middle East. This kind of a base, neither Saudi Arabia not Egypt can accept.

The book of Daniel explains to us that this battle between the Kingdom of the north and south will go on for some time. The first battle between them is looming.

God of the Bible surely has something unexpected up His hands.

Lets wait and watch.

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