UK’s largest union votes to boycott Israel

Israel is a “rogue state,” a “terror state way beyond apartheid”.

British labor union sides with Islam in the war against Israel.

This is a statement by Britain’s largest trade union – Unite -. During its annual conference in Manchester last Thursday, the union voted for voted for a total boycott of Israeli products and services.

The Union when beyond calling Israel an apartheid state, a state that was finally transformed. The British labor union called  Israel a “war state” that has “no appetite for peace or coexistence.”

The motion passed also blames Israel for “policy of ethnic cleansing… the enforced bankruptcy of the Palestinian Authority… and the continued building of the apartheid wall.”

The two million member union will now promote a boycott “similar to the boycott of South Africa during the apartheid era,” and a plan for divesting from Israeli businesses.

A boycott is “the most effective way to ensure the Israeli government is made aware of the extent of opposition to its crimes against humanity,” according to the motion. The motion was supported by four speakers with no one opposing.


My comment:

The World of anti-Jewish sentiments is rapidly changing.  The views of the largest labor union in United Kingdom, did just copycat the views of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The language of the Britishers and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the same.

The Ayatollah has repeatedly said that Israel is a state that is beyond repair, and that has to be dissolved.

When the 5,5 million Jews in Israel is massacred by Islam,  I guess the British union will be satisfied?

Because, I guess without the state of Israel, I guess the World would be a better place?

If the union in United Kingdom had the chance to put up some gas chambers, I guess that is were they would have put the Jews?

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