Deutsche Bank boycotts Israeli military supplier to NATO

Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann announced over the weekend that the bank had sold its holdings in Israeli defense company Elbit Systems.

CEO Josef Ackermann harms an Israeli company that protect NATO-soldiers.

The surprising announcement was made during the annual shareholder meeting of Germany’s largest bank.

“Deutsche Bank is out and no longer has a part in Elbit Systems,” Ackermann declared.

Before the announcement, representatives of two anti-Israel organizations planned to meet with the shareholders and accuse the bank’s management of violating international law and breaching human rights, due to Elbit System’s part in operating the separation fence between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and protecting West Bank settlements.

The two groups – International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and Catholic non-governmental organization Pax Christi – referred to Ackermann’s announcement as “a major success”.

Their statement implies that the decision to divest from the Israeli firm stemmed from the political and public pressure. The organizations gained the support of the German Umbrella Association of Critical Shareholders.


My comment:

The Government of Germany should bow their head in shame over the biggest German Bank declaring a boycott of one of Israel’s most innovative producers of military technology.

If Israel wants to counter this hostile act of Germany, Israel should simply withhold is drone aircraft technology, from protecting German NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

Few people know that its Israeli Military technology that saved NATO  soldiers from being sent home from hostile Muslim territory in body bags.

Shame on Germany, that bows down to the anti-Jewish demands of Radical Islam.

Shame on the Catholic non-governmental organization Pax Christi, who works for the anti-Messiah, and joins hands with Islam.

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