New York Mayor defends proposed Ground Zero mosque

The government “should not be in the business of picking” one religion over another.

A mosque next to the biggets Islamic terrorist site in America, is a sign of our evil days.

This the words of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, born into a Jewish family. Bloomberg has defended the construction of a proposed mosque near Ground Zero on Manhattan in New York. Blomberg is saying that it must be allowed to proceed because the govrnment “should not be in the business of picking” one religion over another.

“I think it’s fair to say if somebody was going to try, on that piece of property, to build a church or a synagogue, nobody would be yelling and screaming,” The New York Post quoted Bloomberg, as saying.

“And the fact of the matter is that Muslims have a right to do it, too,” he added.

The New York Mayor’s comments came after angry relatives of the 9/11 victims were involved in a clash with supporters of the proposed mosque during a community-board hearing.

Michael Bloomberg

Holding up photos of family members killed in the Twin Towers and carrying signs such as, “Honor 3,000, 9/11 – No mosque!” opponents of the planned mosque called the plan an insult to the terror-attack victims.

Retired FDNY Deputy Chief Al Santora, whose 23-year-old son, Christopher, was the youngest firefighter to die on the fateful day, opposed the plan saying that it was the burial ground of his son.

“I do have a problem with having a mosque on top of the site where [terrorists] can gloat about what they did,” Santora said.

Source:  (ANI) and

My comment:

The American constitution secure a separation of religion and state in the USA. That is both god and bad. The bad news is that there is no law that can stop an Islamic takeover of the USA.

The good news is that the American people is responsible for their own future. They can not blame others for turning away from God of the Bible, and face everlasting condemnation.

That there will be a Mosque next to site were Saudi Arabian terrorists shouted “Allah is great” and killed more than 2.000 people, is symptomatic for the evil days we live in.

But there are worse things happening in the US at the moment. Inside the White House it self, there seems to be a man shouting the same message when he gets up in the morning.

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