Not only enemies of Israel in Norway

Norway is one of the worst anti-semitic nations in Europe. But there are still thousands of Christians in Norway that says that the Jews are the only true caretakers of Zion with Jerusalem as its united not dividable capital.

Norwegian diplomat Terje Rød-Larsen helped Yasser Arafat to get within rocket range of Tel Aviv, giving up Jewish land for a false peace.

The Kingdom of Norway was the first free and democratic nation in the World that recognized Hamas. The Norwegian Government have political contacts with Hamas on a under secretary level.

Norway also fund radical Islam. Millions of USD from Norwegian taxpayers are used in Fatah schools, to educate Arab Palestinian youth to hate Jews, and to change the map of the Middle East. All of Israel shall one day become «Palestine»

But there are light is Norway. If you are Jewish, please pray for the friends of Israel in Norway. If you are Norwegian, visit these sites:

Betel Bibel og Israelsforening:

Med Israel for fred:

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