Indian movie to portray Hitler as a betrayed genius

«We want to give a glimpse into his insecurities, his charisma, his paranoia and his sheer genius».

Neha Dhupia and Anupam Kher to play in a movie that makes Adolf Hitler as nice lovable fellow.

This is a statement by Anupam Kher, who is playing the role of Adolf Hitler in a new Indian movie named «Dear Hitler».

«The movie will display Hitler in his underground bunker and portrays his relationships with his close associates. Those who loved him, those who betrayed him and those who stood by him till the end», says Anupam Kher.

The Bollywood actor wants to put light to the life of the Nazi-leader:

«It aims to take the viewer into close quarters with the enigmatic personality that Hitler was and give a glimpse into his insecurities, his charisma, his paranoia and his sheer genius», explains actor Kher to the daily newspaper Mumbai Mirror.

Indian actress Neha Dhupia will play Eva Braun, who was the lover of Hitler, and became his wife in the bunker in Berlin where they committed suicide.  Director Rakesh Ranjan Kumar explains to the Indian Newspaper that he wants to capture the love story of Hitler and Eva Braun

Source: Mumbai Mirror.

My comment:

Adolf Hitler and his lover Eva Braun.

To make a movie of the lover boy named Adolf Hitler, is not only distasteful. Its a grave rewriting of World History, to make the worst Jew-hater and mass murderer look glossy and innocent.

It is true that inside India, there are people like Anupam Kher who looks on Hitler as an Indian hero. They say that if it has not been for the Nazi-leader, there would not have been an independent India. World War II weakened United Kingdom enough, to let India go.

To present Hitler as a man who was betrayed, is to legalize neo-Nazism.  The truth is that Hitler betrayed 10 million Germans, his own people, who perished in World War II. 20 million Russians was killed on the German war assault on Russia.

Along the path of Hitler, there was only mass murders. The «love bird» of  Anupam Kher is personally responsible for the Holocaust, where six million Jews were slaughtered in gas chambers. By portraying Hitler as a genious, Anupam Kher dirties his hands with the blood of millions of victims of «those who stood by him till the end».

5 thoughts on “Indian movie to portray Hitler as a betrayed genius

  1. Well, it is the ancient malice of the british media who is declining the good aspects of Hitlers personality for the history would have been different if the United states had not entered the war.It is worth remember that Hitler was not born with the hatred for the jaws ,it were the jews themselves whose accomplishments in the ww1 made the Hitler and the whole Germany their greatest foe.Hitler’s hate for the communists is natural for their impractical and imposing ideology will remain worth hate forever.

    Today the British media is speaking foul of the Anupam Kher’s attempt to portray Hitler as an Indian friend but how can we forget the intense attrocities inflicted on us by them whenever we rose for independence during our struggle for independence.How can they be silent about the movies describing Stalin whose strategies during the 70’s converted whole Ukrain into a nation of cannibals.

    The British must remember and be obliged of Hitler that he did not attack Britain much for the sake of their racial equivalence with the Germans.

    yes,i strongly believe that it was the Hitler headed Germany who shattered the British to the level that they had to leave India independent.
    Today we need the persons like Anupam Kher who could speak of truth fearlessly.

  2. oh shutup gulshan!!as an indian i feel ashamed anyone should uphold hitler in anyway..he put all humanity to shame ….please go and read what was done to jews and then you will realise that it was the darkest chapter in history….

    1. I agree with you Gulshan is not aware of how racist Hitler was….NO NO is te answer what Gulsan is sayingis wrong both my parents were rascist and my brother was neo nazi skinhead so according to hitler
      you were either white blue eyed blonde or indian or jewish or ethnic and not part of the real aryan race so Gulshan wake up mate Jews and given half the chance other ehnics would have had roughas well

  3. Oh Dear….I am sorry but as a real white middle class englisman this film is a sad and bad idea. This film shouldn’t be made by ethnic people, Hitler was a nazi dictator who hated jews and other people of colour, why are the indians at the least insulting themselves white people will be laughing there heads off in Germany, and other parts of Europe when they see coloured people acting as nazi’s. I know beacuse my dad hated indians and was a rascist. Althought theses actor’s are trying to appear as white people it is not like the real thing, and I chose not to be a rascist.

  4. There is a great discrepancy between “Fact” and “Truth”. Facts are ‘presented’ as every day experiences but ‘truth’ behind any event experienced directly or portrayed through communicative media is prone to discriminative verification depending upon sharpness of intellect and rational intelligence of perceiver. This is because every individual is possessed with an unconscious domain of mind programmes which typify the individual characteristics and expressed as “Svabhav”. Since individuals make up for a community and society, the integrated characteristics of a particular class or race also display certain unique and general traits as nationals.
    Seen from unbiased Indian view point the Germans, among all Europeans,did their best studies concerning all aspects of Indian culture and heritage and were greatly inspired by scriptural wisdom of Vedas and Upanishads.Their scholastic works flooded departments of Indology and won support for Indian Freedom movement with the first Indian national flag hoisted in Stuttgart during Kaiser’s Reich.
    But we Indians never reciprocated with equal spirit and yet prefer to be carried away by western big media’s colourful presentations as “Facts” of Truth without ever taking pains to sift it from the maze of factual confusion. Thanks to the development electronic www providing access to free and fair content of information circumventing corporate tailored big business media, the truths are slowly emerging and people’s awareness is growing with a sharpened intellect to muster courage to question the audacity of corporate controlled democratic governments’
    Asking Google seeking the “Truth about……….” we can endeavor to learn it.

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