Italian fashion makes Hitler in pink a lover of peace

Fashion store in Sicily display Adolf Hitler wearing pink uniform with a heart instead of swastika to advertise clothing line for the youth.

Hitler in Pink. An image now used to sell fashion to Italian youth.

A Sicilian fashion store has come under fire for using Adolf Hitler in its latest advertising campaign. Life-size posters of Hitler dressed in a pink outfit and carrying a heart instead of a swastika has provoked a fiery debate in Italy.

The store, called New Form, has erected 18-feet high posters of the Nazi leader to advertise a line of clothing for young people. The posters adorn street corners and bus stops in Palermo, Sicily’s biggest city.

The uniform is coloured pink and the swastika armband has been replaced by a red heart, with a slogan below that says «Change Style – Don’t Follow Your Leader»

«The use of an image of a person responsible for the worst chapters of the last century is offensive to our country’s constitutional principles and to the sensitivities of citizens», The Telegraph quoted Rosario Filoramo as saying to the mayor of Palermo. Filoramo is a city councillor with the centre-Left Democratic Party.

A council official, Fabrizio Ferrandelli, said,«Having Hitler’s face on a poster… cannot be passed off as an innocent advertising message. Seeing these posters in front of schools is an embarrassment».

The ad agency, however, is defensive, accusing the locals and critics of overreacting.

«We have ridiculed Hitler in a way that invites young people to create their own style and not to be influenced by their peers», said the agency’s Daniele Manno.

New Form stocks a range of international fashion brands including Miss Sixty, Calvin Klein and Diesel. So far, none of these clothing houses has commented on the campaign.

Source: Mumbai Mirror, and Agencies

My comment:

The slogan means exactly what it meant:

Those who followed Hitler, believed getting rid of the Jews would bring love to the World.

«Change Style – Don’t Follow Your Leader»

Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, branded as a lover of peace. People were told by the rebels, that «the Fascists was only using violence to get rid of the real troublemakers in the World, the Jews».

Hitler always had a good friend in Italy named Mussolini.

Nothing is new today. There is a global uprising of people, who look at the International arena as the same way as the followers of Hitler. Islam is not the problem, but rather «Zionism», the idea of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East with the size explained in the Bible.

The global uprising against Jews will eventually make this new slogan reality. People who wants to fight Israel has to «change style», and «stop listening to their leaders». Because all who wants to stop Israel, and the real lovers of peace.

The Bible says, that people who kill Jews will be supported by their religious leaders. They will be explained, that they are doing something great for god.

John 16:2

They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.

Now the Nazis, the Islamic terrorists and claimed to be «peace activists» are finally sailing with the same ships towards Gaza. Supported by Global Media.

Soon they will come to the final battle in Zion from all nations. That will be their tragic end.

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