«Kill journalist who exposed corruption among «Palestinians»

An Arab journalist who writes about financial corruption and theft in the Palestinian Authority is a «traitor» who should be murdered the same way as collaborators were killed by the French Resistance.

Arab Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh will be executed like the Nazis did away with critical voices.

This is the views of former PLO «ambassador» to Australia, Ali Kazak, told to «The Australian»:
«Khaled Abu Toameh is a traitor. Traitors were also murdered by the French Resistance, in Europe; this happens everywhere».

Kazak’s threat does not come as a surprise to those who are familiar with the methods used by Arab dictatorships to silence anyone who dares to demand reforms and transparency.

PLO terrorists Ali Kazak

The threat reminds journalists like me how lucky we are that we live in Israel and not under the jurisdiction of the PLO or Hamas.

The real traitors are those who established another corrupt dictatorship in the West Bank and Gaza and stole billions of dollars of international aid that was supposed to improve the living conditions of their people.

The real traitors are those who built a casino for the Palestinians instead of building them a hospital and a school.

The real traitors are those who are trying to silence journalists and reformists who want to see a better life for their people.

Source: Hudson Institute-New York.

My comment:

Toameh is one critical voice to many.

When Hamas took over the control in Gaza, they executed their rivals in Fatah by throwing them off the roof tops.  That is Nazi-style killings, without mercy, law and justice.

Why do the World support such a regime?

Why do the «Churches» in Europe, side with Islam against Israel?

The battle is spiritual. God of the Bible is their common enemy.

One thought on “«Kill journalist who exposed corruption among «Palestinians»

  1. Catholics need to start telling the truth about what Islam is.
    Jews need to start looking around and telling the truth also.
    Political correctness is a LIE.
    It’s a social tool used to silence dissent.
    Our presidency has been infiltrated. “You will know them by their deeds.”

    Turkey – Catholic bishop, Luigi Padovese, stabbed to death by a follower of ISLAM – He was killed by a Muslim– http://txlady706.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/turkey-catholic-bishop-luigi-padovese-stabbed-to-death-by-a-follower-of-islam-he-was-killed-by-a-muslim/

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