An persecuted and intimidated Jew kills a German diplomat in Paris in 1938. This event gave Nazi-Germany the excuse to destroy and burn Jewish properties and synagogues.

A Jewish synagogue in Berlin is buring in 1938. Soon Islam will trigger the same destruction in Europe.

NATO-member Turkey has provoked another Vom Rath killing.

Ernst vom Rath
Ernst vom Rath

In November 1938, German diplomat Ernst vom Rath was fatally shot in Paris by a 17-year-old Jewish youth, Herschel Grynszpan, who had fled from Germany to France.

The killing of Vom Rath came as a result of persecution, violence and intimidation of Jews in both Poland, France and Germany.

The «Paris murder» gave Nazi-propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels the excuse he needed to destroy and confiscate Jewish properties all over Germany.

In a similar way, Islam keep on provoking Israel towards the point where the Jewish state has had enough of lies and persecution, and will act violently.

The so called «aid convoy» from Turkey was exacley what Joseph Goebbels would have planned, to trigger a violent uprising against the Jews all over the World.

Nothing is new under the sun.

Few people now has the knoweldge on the Bible, and God`s warnings to them that harm His chosen people.

Up against God of Israel, the World is now a ship of fools. A mob, that will soon copy-cat the Nazis.

The same spirit that was inside the Nazis, is today ruling the new rainbow aliance that intimidate, provoke and alianate the state of Israel. Behind «aid workers» support of a facistic totalitarian Islamic regime in Gaza, is pure Jew hate.

Did you know that the «Kristallnacht» was copied in East Jerusalem in 1948?

Did you know that the Islamic soldiers from Jordan, destroyed all the synagogues in East Jerusalem during Islamic occupation from 1948 to 1967?

When the Messiah returns to Jerusalem as the Lion of Judah those who has harmed the Jewish people will not escape the coming wrath of God.