The «Free Gaza» flotilla only serves to reinforce the tyrannical rule of Hamas at the expense of ordinary Palestinian people.

The Turkish «aid ship» wants to reinforce Hamas terror grip on Gaza.

This is a statement by Rev. Malcolm Hedding of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. He comments on the nine passenger and cargo ships heading towards the Gaza coast.

The highly-profile sea convoy is expected to reach the waters off Gaza on Saturday where the Israeli navy is preparing to use force to board the vessels and steer them to the nearby port of Ashdod for unloading.

More than 1,000 pro-Palestinian activists and journalists from 40 countries are aboard the vessels trying to draw attention to the Israeli blockade of the narrow Hamas-run coastal strip that was set in place in the wake of the jihadist militia’s violent takeover of Gaza in the summer of 2007. The cargo includes concrete for Hamas bunkers in order to strengthen their stranglehold over the lives of ordinary Palestinians.

«Taking 10,000 tons of supplies to Gaza by sea is more about demonizing Israel than helping the Palestinian people», says Rev. Hedding.

«Israel has been transferring more than 15,000 real tons of aid to the Gaza Strip every week for since the blockade began. That’s more than a million tons since January 2009 – one for every man woman and child in Gaza».

«Let’s be honest, the real aim of this stunt is to blame Israel for a crisis in Gaza that has been caused by Hamas.  Few journalists have enough integrity to admit that Gaza’s markets are full, and the governing elite enjoy immense wealth and prestige«.

“There is no shortage of food in the Gaza Strip. There is a shortage of justice.

What’s more the aid convoy is actually smuggling in building supplies that will directly help Hamas wage war against Israel. Not only does the State of Israel have the right to intercept this convoy, it has a moral and legal duty to do so under international law.  If the Palestinians want to break the blockade – they need to lay down their weapons and seek peace, explains Hedding.

Malcolm Hedding

Rev. Malcolm Hedding is the Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – an evangelical ministry headquartered in Jerusalem that stands at the forefront of a worldwide movement of Christians who support Israel.

For 30 years the ICEJ has funded social and humanitarian projects that have helped every community and people group in the land of Israel.