140 more attacks on Israel from Gaza in 2010

In 2010, 140 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel from Gaza.

Without a Jews in Gaza, Hamas and other Islamic terrorists continue to fire rockets into Israel.

Whether using smuggling tunnels or fishing boats, Hamas is constantly trying to smuggle in missiles, rocket launchers, guns, explosives and materials for building weapons.

Hamas, which seized power in Gaza, is supported and funded by Iran. It denies Israel’s right to exist and continues to build up its weapons stockpiles to continue attacking the Israeli civilian population. In 2010, 140 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel from Gaza.

IDF operations, including the maritime closure and crossing restrictions, arise from the need to maintain the safety of the citizens of Israel from the terrorist threat in Gaza and to prevent weapons smuggling.

The IDF allows the crossing of goods and equipment into Gaza in a routine and frequent manner, and enables the transfer of people for medical, religious, welfare, business or diplomatic reasons.

Source: Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson.

My comment:

What if your neighbor had fired 140 mortars and rockets into your property?

What would you have done?

When Israel left Gaza in 2005, the Israeli Government acted under pressure from the International community.  There is no longer a single Jew in Gaza.

Why do the rocket fire continue?

Is it because Islam does not accept a Jewish state in the Middle East, whatsoever?

The answer is yes. It does not matter who much land the Jews is handing over to Islam. Inside a Muslim mind, there will never be peace before the state of Israel has got a popular majority of «Palestinian refugees», or the state has been dissolved.

The Jewish statehood is a hair in the soup in Mecca, a proof that God of the Bible is the living God.

This is the truth about Islam.

What would you have done, if Jihadist´s´had fired rockets into your garden, or damaged your house?

4 thoughts on “140 more attacks on Israel from Gaza in 2010

  1. My comment:

    What if your neighbor steals and occupies your property?

    What would you have done?

    124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,441 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis… data is from 2000 to Present!

    It is clear who the TERRORIST is! More power to Palestinian resistance!


    1. Dear ATW

      Shalom, and welcome back with a comment after a long time.

      First: When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, «everyone» said that there would be peace. Only people who know the nature of Islam, said there will never be «peace» in the Middle East, before the blood of the last Jew have made the Mediterranean ocean red.

      The reason for the conflict between Israel and the Arabs is not political. It is Spiritual. The state of Israel is a sin against god of the Koran. It has to go, and the Jews killed the same way that Nazi-Germany wanted to get rid of them.

      Israel is a military force that Hamas can not remove by its own military strength. So a nuclear Islamic republic of Iran is needed to create another Holocaust.

      ATW. This is the truth. Read about your brother, The Son of Hamas who has found Jesus. I pray you should do the same. When we understand that we are sinners on our way to Hell, we need to surrender to the Messiah.

  2. Ivar,

    Very funny! If Israel has withdrawn since 2005, what was the reason the Israelis went in to massacre Palestinians as witnessed by the world? Why did the Rabbis authorize the Jewish soldiers to kill man, woman and child as reported by Haaretz – posted on my blog? Why did Jewish soldiers wear T-Shirts boasting a 2-for1 kill when they killed pregnant women?

    Your truth is as true as Superman arriving from planet Krypton!

    The son of Hamas? You’re joking, right? Don’t you see the irony here? Why did he “accept jesus” and not accept Judaism? It only makes sense that if you are in a Jewish prison, that you would convert to your captors religion, not another! Obviously, it was the Mossad brainwashing techniques that lead him to go Christian: as not to raise suspicion and since Judaism does not accept converts – regardless of what anyone says!

    Nice try!


    1. Dear ATW

      Shalom, and welcome to this site of free speech.

      You wrote:

      Mossad brainwashing techniques that lead him to go Christian.

      My comment:

      Why should Mossad make the Son of Hamas a Christian? Can the Israeli Agency really lead a Muslim to the faith in Jesus the Messiah? That is amazing.

      The truth is that Jesus the Messiah loves both Jews and people like you, ATW. When Hamas or Fatah members understand that they are sinners on the way to Hell, they search for the truth about a loving God. Jesus is that God of love, that makes you love and not kill people around you.

      There is also false followers of Jesus around. You can sense them on their fruits. Violence and killing in the name of «Jesus», is the Devil´s children making a mockery of the true Messiah of love and compassion. We who believe in Jesus are called to pray for and bless people like you, dear ATW.

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