Turkish aid ships sent to provoke Israeli navy

The sole purpose of these activities is to create provocations that pose security risks to the State of Israel.

A ship of fools, loaded with propaganda against Israel and support of the facist regime of Hamas.

The Turkish passenger ship Mavi Marmara was to leave Turkey on Tuesday with two cargo ships and join six more ships organized by the Free Gaza organization.

The humanitarian aid and purchasing of Turkish ships were organized by the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), and the other ships are supported by England, Ireland, Kuwait and Greece.

Israel’s Ambassador to Ankara Gabby Levy said:

«The sole purpose of these activities is to create provocations that pose security risks to the State of Israel».

Serkan Nergis, IHH’s press coordinator, said, «These ships have the Turkish flag on them. Anything that is going to be done to them is also done to Turkey, and they will have a diplomatic response».

Source: Hurriyet-Turkey.

My comment:

NATO-member Turkey is responsible for the propaganda mission towards Gaza. The ships have been loaded in Turkey, and have set sail to provoke a military confrontation with the Israeli navy.

Mavi Marmara: A little bit luxus for radical Islam on the seaway towards Gaza.

NATO could have stopped this convoy at the dock in Turkey. The Military alliance choose not. The reason is that the Obama Administration want to increase the International pressure on Israel.

When the Zionist state is tainted as an inhuman apartheid state, the government in Jerusalem will run out of options. The only way to get the pressure down, is to accept Obama´s instructions of how to get «peace» in the Middle East. The Jewish state simply have to accept the Saudi plan of an Israeli return to the pre 1967 borders.

Propaganda, lies and blackmail works perfectly hand in hand, with the blessings of Washington.

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