Gaza: United Nation paradise for aid workers and the elite

Local Gazans and UN «aid» workers are frequenting The Gaza City luxury restaurant Roots Club.

Stuff from Aid convoys from Israel is used to re-fill this restaurant in Gaza.

It it possible to find signs of normal life in Gaza, and even relative luxury.

National Post correspondent Tom Gross on Tuesday revealed that the Gaza Strip really isn’t as impoverished as the rest of the biased international media would like you to believe.

Gross noted that the media is again full of stories about how destitute Gaza is, and why Israel is a bully for even thinking of preventing a flotilla of nine propaganda humanitarian aid ships set to sail from Turkey next week from reaching the Hamas-controlled territory.

But Gross dug a little deeper and found that with just a little effort, it was possible to find signs of normal life in Gaza, and even relative luxury.

For instance, he pointed out that one Gaza town recently constructed an Olympic-size swimming pool for its residents. Gross contrasted that to the fact that construction, land and water costs prevent all but the most well-off Israeli communities from having an Olympic-size swimming pool.

He also highlighted a popular Gaza City restaurant called the Roots Club, where even the ubiquitous travel guide Lonely Planet says visitors can enjoy gourmet meals. Gross called the owner of the Roots Club, who boasted that business is booming, with a regular flow of local Gazans and UN «aid» workers frequenting his establishment.

While there is without doubt poverty in Gaza, and probably more so than other areas considering the ineptness of its terrorist rulers, Gross explains that with clever and biased reporting, any city can be made to look impoverished.

War is terrible for children. Hamas and the aid industry wants us to see pictures of crying children. That will bring in the cash.

«We could produce the same effect by selectively filming seedy parts of Paris and Rome and New York and Los Angeles too», wrote Gross.

Gross spent much of the article blasting the international media for its deceptive coverage, but another revelation of the piece is that there is apparently enough money and resources in Gaza for the area to take care of its own.

Why then are Western taxpayers being called upon to foot the bill for enormous quantities of humanitarian aid?

With most nations still recovering from the global economic downturn, it would be better to demand Hamas and its buddies stop pocketing all the money and start acting like a benefactor, if that is what the group claims to be.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today and National Post

Take a look at the new Olympic size swimming pool in Gaza.

My comment:

Peace is not bad. But cease fire is better. And the best way to make money is war.

The so-called Israeli blockage of Gaza is a big lie. Every week, hundreds of tons of aid flow into Gaza from Israel. Most of the aid is sponsored by United Nations.

Who receive aid in Gaza?

The elite in Gaza and so called «aid workers» from United Nations do supply the establishment. The professional «aid industry» in Hamas controlled Gaza would starve if there was a sudden end to the conflict, no poverty to promote.

Read more about the traffic of aid convoy´s from Israel into Gaza.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is a perfect arena for gold diggers. Let the rubble in the street remain for the media, so we can continue to share the beef at the taverna around the corner.

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