Regrets his book about Jesus and money

The founder of the Hillsong Mega Church in Sydney regrets his book «You need more money»


«If you ask me about the three most stupid things I have done in my life, I would most likely put up as number one my book about faith and money».

This is a message from Pastor Brian Houston, published in an interview with the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.

The Norwegian daily Christian newspaper «DagenMagazinet» has copied the news from the Australian newspaper, and starts with this title-line

«If the founder of Hillsong, Brian Houston, got a chance to start all over again, He would not have written a book with the title: «You need more money».

Housten still proclaims that people need more money to be effective. But the title of the book gave critics of Hillsong Church, lots of free ammunition. Pastor Houston was criticized for promoting the false Prosperity Gospel, and he was labeled as a lover of money within Christianity.

Source: DagenMagazinet.

My comment:

Today, there in rejoicing in Heaven. Millions of Christian youth all over Planet Earth plays Hillsong music every day. I have been one of the elders, who have been worried.

I hope and pray that Pastor Brian Houston will write one more book:

«Dont worry. Jesus will give you all the money you need. Not all the money you want».

Read the article in Sydney Morning Herald:

Click Here:

Published: 27.05.10.

3 thoughts on “Regrets his book about Jesus and money

  1. I’d rather he wrote a book: “Don’t worry, Jesus might not give you any money. Yes that’s right – none. You may have to work hard for it all the days of your life and yet still remain poor. Really the rich christians among us need to sell up and give our money to the poor among you. Isn’t it more important though to preach the gospel, than we all think about money”.

    I do not believe he is in any way sorry. He says he is, but is he going to preach anything different? Will hillsong change? No. His next book will likely be “Have you heard of pyramid selling? Well that is why I have so much money and you pleb at the bottom have none, but let me word it in some way that has no reference to money in the title and instead reference to the bible so I can pull the wool over your eyes”

    Mat 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    1. Dear Gaynor


      You are right. Today’s Western “Christianity” has very little to do with the original Christian attitudes found in the early Church. There is hardly anything left of the teachings of Jesus and manifestation of Christian life found in the book of Acts.

      I personally do not own anything. All I have belongs to the small fellowships of believers I have joined, and we try to use it to the glory of Jesus the Messiah.

      If you are not able to live a Christian life, there is still mercy and grace available for all who say: The Word of God is the truth. I am imperfect, and I am not able to brake free from all my fleshy desires.

      I guess God of the Bible has some issues with all of us.

    2. Your way of thinking is heavily flawed. If rich Christians sell everything that they have and give it to the poor, what good does that do in the long run? There’s no way of knowing whether the poor will benefit from this or not. The true way of thinking is this: We should love Jesus and be obedient to Him. He raises some to be Kings for His glory. When rich people love Jesus rather than money, they are able to utilize their wealth for the Kingdom in wisdom. There’s nothing wrong with being rich – as long as you are content in Jesus and willing to give whatever He asks. Whether you have millions to give, or a widow’s mite – it’s the heart behind it that matters.

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