Israel to be heckled in Euro Song final in Norway

When the Israeli finalist is on stage, the Norwegian audience will wave with Palestinian flags.

Line Khateeb is a confused young lady, used by Islam to tarnish and destroy Israel.

This is the wish of the pro-Palestinian committee in Norway. The anti-Israel mob will distribute Palestinian flags outside the arena for the Euro Song final in Oslo.

Leader of the the anti-Israel lobby group Line Khateeb will distribute Palestinian flags the full week.

«A country that occupies another, should not be allowed to participate in this final. We will act if Israel decided to participate on Saturday», explains Khateeb. The leftist Jewish peace activist Angela Goldstein will join the anti-Israel movement in Oslo this week.

Source: Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

My comment:

There is a question about United Kingdom now occupying parts of Afghanistan. Should the pro-Islamic activists like Line Khateeb waive Afghan flags inside the Euro Song final?

While United Kingdom sings, please waive your Afghan flags.

Why should we not heckle United Kingdom for their 10 years old occupation of parts of Afghanistan?

Spain seems to be occupying the region of Basque, who have a militant popular front that works for a separate statehood. May be the Basque flag should be displayed in the hands of Norwegians, while Spain perforce their song?

While Spain sings, please waive with your Basque flag to protest the occupation.

Turkey has since 1974 occupied half of Cyprus. There is a United Nation build wall that divides the city of Nicosia. Lets help the Norwegians to take a look at the map of Spain:

The red spot of Spain, an occupied province?

If we follow the logic of Line Khateeb, the Norwergian audience should waive with Cyprus flags while Turkey perform in the Euro Song final.

Go and get your self a Cyprian flag, and waive it while Turkey perform in the Euro Song final.

Lets help the young confused Norwgian lady to take a fresh look at the map of Turkish occupied Cyprus:

The map of Cyprus

Which flag should be displayed while the Norwegian finalist sings?

Norway is a colonial power that occupy 25 per cent of Antarctic, that faces the edge of the Indian Ocean. The republic of India disputes the Norwegian occupation, and wants to claim this land.

Let the Indian flag reign on your living room, while the Norwegian finalist sings in Oslo.

I guess the Indian flag will be a suitable flag while Norway perform?

A map of Norwegian occupied Antarctica.

Shame on anti-Israel hypocrites in Norway of all political colors.

Read more about when Israel was heckled in Sweden:

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