The double game of Italian «support» and boycott of Israel

While the Italian Government has been branded as «Friends of Israel», the big Italian supermarkets has started a full boycott of Israeli goods.

Nothing to cheer about. Shimon Peres was in February 2010 fooled to brand Silvio Berlusconi as a friend of Israel.

Two Italian supermarkets have announced that they plan to stop selling all Israeli products as they could not differentiate whether they came form West Bank settlements or inside the Green Line.

Coop Italia and Nordiconad say they cannot differentiate between goods coming from settlements and inside the Green Line.

Italian grocery chains Coop and Nordiconad will remove all Israeli products from their shelves by the end of the month, according to the Stop Camel-Agrexco Web site – an Italian based coalition dedicated to the boycott of one of Israel’s top agricultural exporters.

Agrexco said in response that these are merely rumors.

Italian Coop-boss Vincenzo Tassinari enforce a full boycott of Israel.

«There is no such thing. We are working with these companies for 50 years. We receive contacts of this sort all the time. There is a law in Italy that forbids boycotting products for political reasons, and these claims are baseless», explained Shira Segal Kuperman, the public relations manager of the company.

The Agriculture Ministry confirmed that there is no boycott against the Israeli company «in Italy or any other country».

Source: Israeli Newspaper «Haaretz» and

My comment:

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is a snake in the grass for Israel. In February this year, Berlusconi was branded as a «great friend of Israel» by Israeli leaders on an official visit to the Holy land.

The Italian Government has in public stated that there is no official national boycott of Israel. The Cabinet can simply not announce such boycotts, that will be against the free trade agreements between the European Union an other members of World Trade Organization (WTO).

But the Italian national government has less powers over their big corporate`s to keep on buying Israeli products. When Coop Italia silently stops importing Israeli products, the trade embargo on the Jewish state is a fact, not fiction.

The political rhetoric is full of hypocrisy. Because announcing that there is «no boycott» is the radical opposite of what they should be doing: And that is in public encourage Italian consumers to keep on buying Israeli products.

Jonas Gahr Støre

In Norway this kind of hypocrisy has been transformed into a effective hate-campaign against Israel. While the Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre claims that there will be «no boycott of Israel», other Socialist ministers proclaim and promote such a boycott. The message to the corporate class, is that the Norwegian Government will not lift a finger to avoid a corporate Norwegian boycott of Israel.

The double game on Israel is an incoming catastrophe on nations like Norway and Italy. The leaders of these nations has placed their population ready for slaughter. All nations that rise and harms Israel and the Jewish people, will be judged for their action or lukewarm in-action. The Messiah Jesus is about to return to Earth as the Lion of Judah. He will make the lake of fire the eternal abode for all who make war on His restoration of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland in the Middle east.

One thought on “The double game of Italian «support» and boycott of Israel

  1. Not sure why any government SHOULD be telling consumers to buy goods or products from a country in breach of international law?

    sounds to me like you’re a complete fruitcake who is just waiting for Israel to launch its 200+ nukes and cause a ‘lake of fire’ to melt those who speak out against the occupation and expansion against all international law.

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