South Korea, North Korea, Israel and Iran

South Korea cannot expect the US to rein in North Korean aggression, any more than Israel can rely on the US regarding Iran.

The South Korean navy ship sunk by North Korea is lifed up from the sea.

On Thursday, the South Korean government did something important. It told the truth about North Korean aggression. On March 26, a North Korean submarine attacked a South Korean naval corvette with a torpedo. Forty-six South Korean sailors were killed in the unprovoked attack. And on May 20, the South Koreans ended all ambiguity about the nature of the attack and placed the blame where it belongs.

It is true that on Thursday, Obama released a statement saying that the «act of aggression is one more instance of North Korea’s unacceptable behavior and defiance of international law». And it is true that the international media is pointing to the White House announcement as an indication that the US will stand with South Korea.

But the Obama administration’s relations with China on the one hand, and its emasculation of the US Navy on the other, demonstrate that the US will not defend South Korea against North Korean aggression. The administration’s actions in the days leading up to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak announcement make this clear.

Depressingly, just as the Iranian threat is greater than the North Korean threat, so the Obama administration’s denial of the nature of the Iranian threat is greater than its denial of the North Korean threat. Quite simply, the Obama administration refuses to believe the ideology that informs the actions of Iran’s rulers is what they say it is.

In its latest demonstration of its deep denial of the nature of the threat it faces, this week John Brennan, Obama’s chief adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security, said that the US must court what he referred to as «moderate elements» in Hizbullah.

Brennan argued that since in addition to its Iranian-commanded and -supplied military organization and its Iranian-commanded and -trained international terror network, Hizbullah also has members in the Lebanese government and parliament, it is a group that theObama administration can do business with.

Two mad Presidents that is willing to use nuclear arms to promote terrorism.

To the extent that Brennan’s statement echoes the Obama administration’s analysis of Hizbullah, it is simply terrifying.

Hizbullah was established by Iran in 1981. It has a dual mission of serving as the advance guard of Iran’s global Islamic revolution and of spreading the Iranian revolution to Lebanon. Hizbullah’s participation in Lebanese politics is consonant with this mission. It does not in any way indicate a moderation of the organization. Had Brennan looked, he would not have found a single statement by Hizbullah parliamentarians or government ministers that in any way contradicts Hizbullah’s Iranian-dictated missions.

But then, Brennan’s asinine position on Hizbullah is part and parcel of his overall denial of the threat radical Islam poses to the US and to the rest of the world. In a speech at New York University last August, Brennan gave a stirring defense of Islam as a religion of peace. He eschewed any connection between the likes of al-Qaida and the Iranian mullahs and Islam, and claimed that jihad is a great and good thing.

In his words, «Using the legitimate term jihad, which means to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal [to describe the cause for which Islamic terrorists fight risks giving these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek but in no way deserve».

What Brennan’s statements show is that Obama, who picked Brennan to serve as his chief counterterrorism adviser, is ideologically committed to the notion that Iran and its fellow jihadists are not an inherent threat to the US and its allies. That is, Obama is ideologically committed to the notion that there is no reason to take any action against Iran that could actually prevent the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hassan Nasrallah from developing and deploying nuclear weapons.

Source: Jerusalem Post, Column One.

My comment:

George W. Bush told the World that the US would not permit North Korea to get nuclear weapons. What happend?

When North Koran sunk a South Koran war ship, what did the US do?

What will the US do what Iran get a nuclear bomb?

Will the US protect Israel, or will they do what they have done in regards to North Korea?

Israel must not trust Obama. He is a deadly trap for the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

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