The Failure of the Left

Israeli-protest-against-right-wing-leaders Despite mass efforts to promote the rally – with slogan ‘Zionists do not settle’ – the protests on Jerusalem’s Zion square saw as few as 1,000 participants. This number is a mere freckle on the picture of Right’s protests, which usually garner between fifty and two hundred thousand protesters. True, both demonstrations took place in enemy’s den – the Leftists protested in Jerusalem, while most radical Left resides in central Israel, thus somewhat explaining the low attendance. Yet, settlers’ protests usually take place in Tel-Aviv – the spiritual home of the anti-settler movement – and still manage to reach dozens of thousands.

The rally perfectly illustrated the issues Israeli Left copes with on a daily basis. The support among Israeli population dwindles – the radical MERETZ party received only three votes in recent elections, over half her seats from a decade and a half ago. As support for Israeli Palestinian factions keeps steady – they received 11 in recent elections – the overall radical Left-wing representation stands at a bit over 10 per cent of total seats. With current Prime Minister having support of twice as many seats from his own party, the Left has very little choice but to remain in stringent opposition – position it holds for several past election cycles.

The most interesting case here is the MERETZ party. While it is inhabited with radicals, they do indeed call themselves Zionists, hence the slogans in recent protest. Yet, as with any extremists rhetoric – they fail to persuade Israeli voter their cause is just. MERETZ failed to explain to Israeli electorate why allowing Arab terrorists gain better access to most – if not all – Israeli territory is a good idea. Instead, the party – infested by self-proclaimed elite, educated and brainwashes in Israeli universities and colleges – looks down to the everyday Israeli, considering them daft, unable to comprehend the greatness of their plans.

Views from Samaria

Moreover, in recent months, the Left decided to shift gears, to become more violent and more disrespectful of Israeli public’s opinion. The radicals participate in weekly riots in Palestinian towns of Bil’in and Naalin, which already caused millions of dollars in damage to the security fence constructed there. Protests in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood leave police officers injured every week. The Leftists tour Judea and Samaria daily, documenting illegal construction in Jewish settlements, yet uphold Palestinians’ right to construct illegally within Israel. In a recent, particularly disgusting case, radical Left-wing activists attempted to interrupt a memorial for slain paratroopers of 71st Battalion, held in Sheikh Jarrah.

The violence further underscores Left’s hypocrisy, when it comes to Israelis and Palestinians. When radical Left-wing groups claim they stand for human rights – they lie. They stand for Palestinians’ rights. That is precisely why B’Tselem, Peace Now, Breaking the Silence, Machsom Watch and a slew of others are Palestinians’ rights groups, not human rights. These people, who consider themselves to be liberal, who stand for modern respect of a person’s right to live, never took to the streets when a ten-months-old Shalhevet Pass was show by Palestinian sniper. They never clashed with Palestinians following murder of 21 people – thirteen of them under the age of 18. They never called for IDF to rush Ramallah with tanks when 30 people were murdered during religious ceremony, on Passover 2002. There people only care for one group of humans, but not the other.

The Left’s achievements on Israeli arena – such as the fight for woman’s rights – pale in contrast with its outrageous fight against Israel and in direct favor of Palestinians. Receiving most of its fiscal support from overseas – various European governments and pro-Palestinian NGOs – the Left works outright against Israeli public. As with any radicals – including the Right-wing – they are a small group of disturbed individuals, most of them angry – at everyone else but themselves. Fighting them is not worth it, but understanding their actions is important. Many of them – without realizing so – are direct agents of international governments and self-interested, rich groups, attempting to influence Israeli politics – and indeed future – through the meager group of individuals looking at everyone down their nose.

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