Obama signs US up for pro-Islamic lobby in the UN

US President Barack Obama has officially brought his nation into the ranks of the «Alliance of Civilizations», for the sake of peace with Islam.

Obama wants the USA to become a part of the Islamic lobby group in the United Nations, with the King of Saudi Arabia as the royal protector.

Alliance of Civilizations is an UN organization started in 2006 with the publicized goal of bridging the gaps between Muslim and Western civilizations.

However, since its inception, the Alliance of Civilizations has pushed the idea that the overriding reason for the Muslim-Western rift is Israel, its «settlement activity» and very existence, and perceived Western support of the Jewish state.

The Alliance of Civilizations has also highlighted «a perception among Muslim societies of unjust aggression stemming from the West» regarding America’s response to the Muslim terrorist attacks on its cities on September 11, 2001.

Obama announced in a statement released by the White House that joining the Alliance of Civilizations is yet another way to forward his «vision of active US engagement with other nations and international organizations».

But many in Israel fear it will only further drive a wedge between America and the Jewish state, and further embolden the enemies of both Israel and the US.

Source: Israeli magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

The One World religion and the One World Government is coming.  In the end, elements within Islam, Christianity and Judaism will proclaim that we all serve the same god.

That is a big lie, a religion drafted by demons.  This will be a Global «peace, sign and wounder» movement , who delete the truth about Jesus being God, and the the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Our sins can only be washed away by His blood.

Muslims, fake Christians and non-Messianic Jews are in danger of becoming followers of the last anti-Messiah.

Obama and his men are leading the Americans off the cliff, and into the pit of Hell. No one will be able to escape the coming judgment.

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