«Hizb`Allah gate» claims head of US Intelligence

Obama wants to work with Hizb`Allah moderates in Lebanon. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair will be replaced with a friend of Islam.

Dennis Blair was to moderate for Obama, who wants to work more closely with Islamic radical terrorists in Lebanon.

This weeks resignation of Retired Admiral Dennis Blair as Director of National Intelligence, is the first head to roll in the Obama inspired «Hizb´Allah gate» scandal in Washington.

Janet Neapolitano

The next head to roll is the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. She made her language more realistic in February when she flatly stated to the Senate, «Violent Islamic terrorism» when she spoke about the reasons behind the Ft. Hood killings.

ABC news reported that the administration had more confidence in other intelligence leaders such as John Brennan. He surprised Washington this week by explaining how the Obama administration was looking to work with «moderate elements» in HezbAllah. Yes, the same HezbAllah that popularised suicide bombing as a tactic of choice among Muslim extremists, is listed by the US State Department as an international terrorist organization, killed 300 US Marines in Beirut in 1983, and has fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilian targets since 2006.

First of all, one has to question the propriety of negotiating with terrorists who have killed hundreds of Americans and who have been implacably hostile to America for decades. Secondly, the idea that there is anyone in Hezbollah who is a «moderate» is frankly absurd. Is a «moderate› Hezbollah member one who kills ten Americans rather than 100?

Source: The Telegraph, UK. (blogers view)

My comment:

The US President has a deep desire to win the hearts of the Muslim World, who holds on to the faith of His father. Being a half-Muslim, he has branded Islam as a religion of peace, a great religion.

Some of the less brutal killers around Muslim cleric Hansan Nasrallah seems to be suitable peace partners for the US.

Since his speech in Cairo, Barack Hussein Obama has been on the hunt for moderate Islamic «peacemakers». The latest from the frontiers of peace, in an up coming US-Hizb`Allah alliance for peace in the Middle East. You simply just overlook that Hizb´Allah want to genocide the Jewish people.

The logic is that something needs to be scarified, to get peace between two great civilizations. Islam and Pax-Americana. The offering on the alter is the Jewish homeland.

The Hizb´Allah gate is not just another American political scandal. It is a unique scandal. It is the introduction of support of Radical Islam and Jihad as the political correctness stand in the Middle East «peace process».

People who do not agree to remove security professionals who do not agree with Obama, will be removed. One by one.

The next one to go, is probably The Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. She made her language more realistic in February when she flatly stated to the Senate, «Violent Islamic terrorism…was part and parcel of the Ft. Hood killings».

The American Hizb`Allah gate has just began.

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