UN fake sanctions: Russia to give Iran S-300 Missiles

UN sanctions won’t bar sale of Russian S-300s to Iran. Congress to wait for Security Council before passing own sanctions.

- To hell with Israel. as long as Russia can earn millions of USD by selling their best S-300 missiles to Iran.

Test launch of the Russian S-300 air defense system US officials conceded on Thursday that the new Iran sanctions resolution being discussed at the UN Security Council will not ban Russia from selling its advanced S-300 air defense system to Tehran.

Russia is already under contract to sell the state-of-the-art anti-aircraft systems to Iran, and Moscow insisted yesterday the resolution would not bar the sale, countering numerous reports to the contrary earlier in the day. American officials later admitted the Russians were right. Moscow has delayed the transfer of the coveted weaponry to Iran several times under pressure from the US and Israel, as its delivery would complicate any Western pre-emptive strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Source: ICEJ.org

My comment:

What if Iran tests its first nuclear bomb?

First than we will come to know, if United Nations sanctions are effective or not. And if these sanctions are not effective, what is the United Nations going to do?

Than one option will be to  attack the Iranian Nuclear facilities, to stop Iran from developing more nuclear bombs.

Russia has just made such military actions almost impossible.  Because giving Iran such anti-Air craft missiles, will enable Iran to shoot down F-16 aircrafts. Israel will have to take enormous risks for their pilots. The risk will be so high, that the Jewish state might be forced to use their submarines. They are most likely loaded with small nuclear warheads.

Russia just made war more likely. And not war with conventional weapons, but a nuclear war in the Middle East. A war that most likely will trigger World War III:

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