Nick Clegg spearheads Israel-bashing in Britain

In Britain’s new coalition government the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg leads the field in smearing Israel. Positioning himself as Britain’s chief political Israel critic began a year and a half ago.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg will have to bless Israel to avoid judgment over the UK.

Week end comment

by Mike Adams

A selection of quotes will give you a feel for the Cleggian brand of anti-Israelism.

«The continuing bombardment of Gaza is intolerable and self-defeating. It goes far beyond Israel’s right to defend itself»

This 2009 New Year greeting from the leader of the Liberal Democrats to the State of Israel was accompanied by a call for the European Union to suspend a new co-operation agreement between the EU and Israel. Clegg, a former EU bureaucrat, was now beginning to throw his weight around in the non-tolerance of the sole defender of democracy in the Middle East. The EU legacy of condescension towards Israel has Nick Clegg as a longstanding ambassador.

Clegg made a defining comment in September 2009 when defending liberal values, pointing to his multiethnic background (half-Dutch, quarter-Russian, quarter-British), and being married to a Spaniard: “There is simply not a shred of racism in me”. That sounds slightly hollow when trying to hide behind a thin veneer of righteous fury against Israeli Jews and their crackdown on terrorism.

“… halt Britain’s arms exports to Israel […] I want an immediate suspension of all arms exports from the EU” (Nick Clegg).

This appeal in a piece for The Guardian, January 7, 2009, was aimed at inciting the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to show the way by sanctioning Israel because the country’s actions were “radicalising moderate opinion among Palestinians and throughout the Arab world”. The myopic Nick Clegg sees the Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Abbas as a moderate partner, and imagines that there is such a thing as moderate Arabs that indulge dhimmi Zionists in the “Dar al-Islam” or the House of Islam. It would seem that Nick Clegg has a flair for oxymora.

“And as Israel and Egypt maintain a near total blockade against Gaza, the misery deepens by the day. […] How is the peace process served by sickness, mortality rates, mental trauma and malnutrition increasing in Gaza? Is it not in Israel’s enlightened self-interest to relieve the humanitarian suffering?” (Nick Clegg).

This quote comes from an article published by The Guardian, December 22, 2009. The mythical siege of Gaza preventing aid entering the Strip has long been exposed. Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website has reported that in the year 2009 alone, Israel allowed for 703, 224 tons of humanitarian aid and 105,600,128 litres of fuel to be delivered into the Gaza Strip following Operation Cast Lead.

“The IDF invested major resources to enable the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip” stated Col. Moshe Levi, the head of the IDF’s Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration, in November 2009. According to Levi, humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip increased by 900 percent compared to the previous year. Over 22, 893 humanitarian aid trucks entered into Gaza throughout 2009.

And just for the record: Israeli hospitals have treated many hundreds of Palestinian Arab patients from Gaza – even after the military offensive ended last year.

“One year on from Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government continues to imprison 1.5 million Palestinians and prevent the rebuilding of its shattered infrastructure” (Nick Clegg et al).

The busy bee Nick Clegg found it appropriate to commemorate the first anniversary of Operation Cast Lead by being the first to sign a letter that appeared in The Observer, December 27, 2009. He was joined by 27 other MPs in, among other defamatory statements, making wild claims of the numbers of terrorists incarcerated in Israeli jails. The actual figure is unknown, but even unreliable Palestinian sources cite a modest 7,000 including 264 under administrative detention.

Centre-left newspapers like The Guardian and The Observer will always suck up to the likes of Nick Clegg. Indeed, both of these papers urged their readers to vote for the Liberal Democrats in the recent UK general election.

“Is the idea of Israel as a Jewish state something new?” (Nick Clegg).

Nick Clegg stunned the audience at a major speech on anti-Semitism in June 2009 by asking whether referring to Israel as a Jewish state was “a new idea”. He had listened to a foreign policy speech by Benjamin Netanyahu in which the Israeli Prime Minister said Palestinians must recognise Israel as a Jewish state. Clegg did not believe he had heard an Israeli PM refer to the country in such a way before and asked the cited question.

“Is Israel Jewish?” is the real question Clegg is asking. He denounces nationalism by Jews but not by Arabs, objecting to Israel being a Jewish state, thus allowing non-Jews to become citizens, but ignoring the dozens of states that have nationalist and religious requirements for citizenship.

The bottom line is that like all politically correct liberals, Clegg has a hankering for victimising and demonising Israel simultaneously pretending he’s a friend of Israel. The small Liberal Democrats’ Friends of Israel faction drowns in party rhetoric. They have no real clout. The Lib Dems are renowned as one of the most hostile mainstream parties in Europe towards the Jewish state.

Jews in Israel can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief that the Right Honourable Nicholas William Peter Clegg was not appointed to the position of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Unfortunately, the incumbent foreign minister William Haig of the Conservatives will merely echo the Israel-stance of Deputy PM Nick Clegg. The Cleggian form of anti-Semitism is benign, but malignant when it spreads to the whole government. Israel can expect nothing from the Lib-Con coalition other than five years of abrasive foreign policy.

4 thoughts on “Nick Clegg spearheads Israel-bashing in Britain

  1. MIKE!

    1. Dear jay.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Islamic inspired Jew hate is exploding in the World. We have seen it before. In Nazi-Germany the Holocaust started by Fascistic intimidation of the Jewish people, blaming them for anything and everything.

      Let me remind you that Islam wants the state of Israel gone. Just like Nazi-leader Hitler. Jesus the Messiah has warned us that all nations will rise against the Covenant people, just before He comes back to bring judgment and God`s wrath on Planet Earth.

      Now we can see this happening just in front of our eyes.

  2. Don’t forget the 7 year contract for Peace..that in an of important..also the scripture that tells us they will try to get peace but won’t be able to, was that done already?..still some thought on a lot of this..It’s horrible that who ever put Obama in the White House of America had no better sense than a dead toad! But I must also be careful how I say that too..for God Himself allowed this man to take this power at this time for HIS we all must rejoice even in this..though it saddens us also lets us see..the time is so close..I pray we’ll all be sted-fast and faithful to Jesus Christ during the days ahead†

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