The third Temple and the third world war

Israeli Muslims know the third Temple is coming, and insist war is coming with it.

Islam and Rome is preparing for an International Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Her from the Popes visit in may 2009.

Israeli Muslims seem to take the possible building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem much more seriously than the nation’s Jews. This became a hot-button issue with the reconstruction of the Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, which Israeli Arabs and Palestinians saw as a sign that the Jews are planning to rebuild the Temple.

Muslim politicians and clerics issued dire warnings:
«Save Jerusalem from the Jewish threat».
«Save the the Mosque of Al Aksa from destruction«
«Construction of the Third Temple is a Jewish conspiracy to control the world»
From their point of view, the Third Temple is a recipe for the Third World War.

The Temple Mount is the focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As the site of the two biblical Temples it is the holiest place in Judaism, and Muslims claim it as the third holiest place in Islam. It represents the clash between two revelations, the Bible and the Koran, and between Jewish and Muslim nationalism.

To analyze this «clash of civilizations» Israel Today conducted a series of interviews with Israeli Jews and Arabs.

Source: Aviel Schneider, Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

The Evangelical Christian World is of three different opinions about a possible Third temple in Jerusalem. Jesus said that all believers is the Temple of God, our body is where the the Holy Spirit dwells. God of the Bible do no longer dwell in a man made Temple.

Other claims that since the majority of the Jewish people have rejected jesus as the Messiah, they are not bound of His words about the temple. Non-Messianic Jews will therefor rebuild the temple, as mentioned in the book of Ezekiel.

A Third view is the the Temple is already there on The Temple Mount. The Temple just needs to be redone as the «Temple of all faiths». Than it will become the perfect dwelling place for the last anti-Messiah.

I hold on to tho this view. If a new Jewish temple is build on The Temple Mount, people of other faiths than Judaism will not be allowed to worship on the site. An antichrist will not even fool non-religious Jews, if he enters such a Temple as an Orthodox Jew claiming to be God. But a «Temple of all faiths» will probably unite people from all major religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism alike. That will be the perfect stage for the final antichrist, a man who will come to bring «peace», doing miracles and wonders.

11 thoughts on “The third Temple and the third world war

  1. There is a “God’s Holy Mountain Vision” project that hopes to transform the Temple Mount into an interfaith worship site. But both the Jews and Muslims oppose it, because they feel that it’s not their role to decide such things. Only the Mahdi can deciede for the Muslims, and only the Messiah can decide for the Jews.

    1. Dear Bible prophecy

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      We who believe in the New Testament, believe that the final anti-Messiah will come to Jerusalem before the true Messiah returns. The copy-cat will put him self up in the Temple and claim to be God.

      Who will he be?

      How will He be able to fool Jews, who rejects that God can take form of a man?

      I guess because of «peace», and mighty signs and wonders?

      1. it will be the pope he will clam to be god and he will go there to bring peace but will stay in the 3rd temple

  2. Hi thank you for breaking the story regarding Obama is a Muslim we posted it in part with a link back to your site and I noticed that Pamela Gellar has now picked it up so I updated it with a portion of her story. Our readers have really enjoyed your work. We are a rapidly growing people powered news site and would love to have you come and post your articles in full. It would help you get the word out and bring attention to your blog all at the same time. Here is the link for your story. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you posting our site is completely FREE

    1. Dear Editor of Beforeitsnews.

      Shalom, and thanks for your blessings. I will come back with more on a private email to you. (editor).

  3. Their is also a belief that a 3rd temple must be build for the Messiah to come back. No 3rd temple. No Messiah. But however, their also must be a Babylon to be build and a false christ to return, before the messiah will return.

    Nevertheless, it was in 1982 that Saddam Hussein had had people employed to work on a Palace next to Nebuchadnezzar and spent 500 million.

    However, in 2003 and his down fall looters and robbers left it barren, which is why when Americans turned up their was little proof that it ever was occupied or used.

    Know The State Department and the World Monuments Fund has spent $700 000 for the site, and a lot of muslims would really like it being rebuilt.

  4. Salam & Shalom fellow humans,
    Let there be a Church, Let there be Mosque, Let there be a 3rd Temple, all on ONE Mount. Lets share the Mount. May there be peace for all and all can perform their individual prayers peacefully. Maybe this would propagate peace in the Middle East. We can turn this tide of hatred once for all.

  5. All Muslim, Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters. Put aside your personal EGO. GOD wants to see HUMAN creating their own peace and friendship. A costly Lesson never learned over centuries causing Lots of Human Blood wasted. There shall be no more blood spill and we all must attain PEACE. Let the mount gives us the resemblance of Heaven on Earth.

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