The Israeli company Camero has developed a technology which can create real-time, three dimensional imaging of the location of people hidden behind walls and barriers.

Israeli soldiers need to see beyond the next wall. They fight for freedom.

Through-Wall Vision uses a sensor device about the size of a laptop computer to ‘read’ electromagnetic pulses and thereby enable security forces to identify occupants of a room before entering it.

The size and light weight of The Xavier 400 makes it high portable and useful for fire-and-rescue teams, law enforcement, and military operations. The system proved operationally successful six months ago when a foreign SWAT team used it to save a kidnapped girl being held for ransom when the lone kidnapper guarding her left for a moment to go to the bathroom.


My comment:

The IDF is fighting for freedom and democracy. Not only for the state of Israel, but for the whole free World. They need our support.

Jesus the Messiah died also for the sins of Israeli soldiers. There is nothing they have done that is so serious, that the Messiah will not forgive them. He has always been with the soldiers of the Jewish people. He was there with King David, He was there with Gideon. Give your life to him, and put your trust in Him.