Russia slay Islamic rebels in Chechenya but supports Hamas

There is no difference between Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and slain Chechen separatist and guerrilla leader Shamil Basayev. They both promote Jihad and Islamic terrorism.

Russia have always supported Pan-Arabic wars on Israel. Here President Medvedev visits Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday fiercely rejected the suggestion of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to allow Hamas to join the peace process, instead comparing the organization to Chechen terrorists.

The ministry also expressed «deep disappointment» over Tuesday’s meeting between Medvedev and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in Damascus.

«Hamas is a terror organization for all intents and purposes, and has the declared goal of annihilating the State of Israel», read a Foreign Ministry statement.«Hamas operatives are responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians, including immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Russian nationals».

Islamic terrorists Khaled Mashaal

The ministry said that the «enlightened nations» must not categorize terrorists as good or bad in accordance with their geographical location.

«Terrorists are terrorists, and Israel sees no difference whatsoever between Hamas terrorists acting against I srael and Chechen terrorists acting against Russia», continued the statement.

«There is no difference between Khaled Mashaal and [slain Chechen separatist and guerrilla leader] Shamil Basayev. Israel has always sided with Russia in the fight against Chechen terror, so we expect similar backing when it comes to Hamas terror against Israel».

Source: Ynet and Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The new Russian Tzar and the old Soviet union share the same views on Israel. The Zionist state has to be deleted. Within «good old» communist doctrines, there were no place for a chosen people of God. In Marxism there is basically no god, and we are all equals.

Islamic terrorist Shamil Basayev

The Soviet Union did support all the Pan-Arabic wars on Israel. Moscow gave the Egyptian President Nasser modern MIG fighter jets with missiles to be fired on Israel.

Today the Russian Federation is walking in the footsteps of the Communist leaders. Lets not forget that Prime Minister Putin is a former KGB colonel. He was raised hating the Jewish state, and his Middle East politics seems to reflect the same value system.

But while godless Russians do support a Jew-free Middle East visions of Islam, they fight Islamic militants that is a threat to the Kremlin. Such tasteless double standards of the Russians are similar to the double standards of president Obama. Washington fights Taliban and Al Quada because they attacks and harm America. Al Fatah and Hamas are supported as «peace partners» because their Islamic terrorists only have Israel as their target.

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