The Pope promises Muslims eternal life

The World has made the Pope a head of state. Last year he was in Israel, and was served by Shimon Peres.

Here is the Vatican text of Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks upon his arrival this morning at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Pope of Rome was received by President Shimon Perez:

«Mr. President, the Holy See and the state of Israel have many shared values, above all a commitment to give religion its rightful place in the life of society. The just ordering of social relationships presupposes and requires a respect for the freedom and dignity of every human being, whom Christians, Muslims and Jews alike believe to be created by a loving God and destined for eternal life».

My comment:

Do you need more evidence that the Pope do not represent the Jewish Messiah Jesus?

The Jewish scriptures in the New Testament says:

John 14:6
Jesus answered, «I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me».

The Pope is a perfect contradiction to the Jewish Messiah. Do not put your trust in this teacher from Rome.

Published: 11.05.09.

57 thoughts on “The Pope promises Muslims eternal life

  1. One only needs to look upon this man’s face to see his innards. He looks evil, kind of like the Sith emperor , Darth Sidious, in Star Wars. The Catholic Church is lost to men dressed in white.

    1. Dear P.J.

      We have to pray for the Pope. We do not anyone to perish, but wish from the bottom of our heart that all men shall find the truth and salvation in the Jewish Messiah. In Him alone. His name in Hebrew is Y´shua. In English, we address Him as Jesus from Nazareth.

    2. Hi PJ,
      Though I know Ivar is going to bash me, I don’t care! You’ve said it right PJ, because the first time I saw the present pope in the news of course, I was quick to notice his dark deep and hollow eyes that does make his face look insidious, that is the real evil emanating from his heart. I don’t need to say more, you’ve said the rest.

      Now Ivar,
      You are suggesting we pray for the pope so that he does not perish? Are you kidding? First tell me if God is going to forgive satan then perhaps we can consider forgiving the pope. Be advised that the day this man decided to follow in the footsteps of satan, he had received his FREE FIRST CLASS TICKET that was signed, sealed and delivered to him by satan himself for a smooth slide down to to the pit of no return. Ivar, being naive or ignorant is not accepted by the Holy God of Israel. Search the scriptures.

      1. Dear LoneEagle.

        Shalom, and thanks for all kinds of comments that makes this blog an exiting site.

        If I have bashed you, please forgive me. I hope and pray that I am able to walk on Earth as Jesus did. In regards to the Pope, it is no surprise to my readers that I do not support him. Neither do I acknowledge Roman Catholics as Christians. But I wish them well. I pray for them, and I have lead some of them to Jesus. I do not want to see any of them ending up in Hell, not even the present Pope. I hope all Christians will agree with me on these points.

  2. What a bunch of idiots. Yall need to wake up and smell the sweet scent of reality. There is no god. its make believe for small minded folk.

    1. Ivarfjeld,

      I enjoy your website. As a person who has recently left the RCC, I have to agree with many of your catholic posts. But, you must know there are many true Christians that are Catholic! Even though the church preaches a false gospel, many love the Lord and can’t see past the works and control which is the church. I had a personal relationship with Christ..I started reading Vatican news daily, along with world news and started to see their role in the coming world religion and NWO. The pain I went through leaving is indescribable. I am now delivered and free. It was not easy. the RCC is gathering all religions under her umbrella, and advocating the climate change agenda and a new economic order as JP2 and B16 have both called for a nwo. I have warned my Catholic friends, to no avail and some of them got mad at me. Unless Catholics are deeply involved in reading what the Vatican is doing every day they will not be able to see the coming world religion. And yes, the catechism does say that Islam is in the plan of salvation specifically. Just to let you know, I studied at a well known catholic university and under apologist Scott Hahn. For me to leave the RCC was unthinkable. But you can’t refute the truth. the gospel of Catholicism is not the Gospel of the scriptures. Leaving the RCC was one of the most painful and liberating experiences in my life. Catholics, check out my blog and you will see all the connections. You won’t regret leaving all for Christ.

      1. Dear Sueliz.

        Shalom, and welcome to this site.

        I have never said, that there are no Christians among the Roman Catholics. What I have stated, is that Roman Catholics are not Christians. I have personally meet quit a few Roman Catholic`s turned Christians. What they all have in common, is that they acknowledge that the teaching of Rome is not flawless. The moment you utter these words in front of your Parish priest, that the Vatican doctrines have serious errors, you will be excommunicated. So the Christians inside the RCC, have to live as secret students of Jesus, or will be forced to leave.

      2. Ivarfjeld,

        You can have a personal relationship with Christ, believe in the teachings of the church and still be deceived. And you can sometimes share your thoughts with priests and you are not on the spot excommunicated. Remember, there are very liberal priests as well who don’t give a darn about the rules of the church. I was not living as a secret student. The Lord showed me over time and patiently and lovingly showed me the WAY. He saves His people no matter where they are. I have many friends devoted to Christ and are Catholic. Are they blind to the gospel? yes. Mislead? Yes. But they have also given their lives to Christ.The entrapment of the rules is hard to escape..the religious authority.Do they need to come out? Yes. All I’m saying don’t paint all Catholics non-Christians. I should know, I came from that side of the fence. Anyway I really like your site. Great job and keep on bloggin’

      3. Dear Sue.

        Shalom, My sister in Jesus. I do not agree that you can have a personal relationship with Jesus, and still be deceived. The reason is the Holy Spirit, who we have received as a guarantee of our faith. He will always keep us at bay. Yes, I can chose to walk away with deceivers. But not without many warnings, and lots of pain. People who give up their faith, turn their back on the Messiah. He will never turn his back on anyone. Amen.

        In regards to RCC priests, yes you can share with them. Both inside, and outside the Church. The question is: Do you tell them the truth?

      4. Dear Ivarfjeld,

        I think you misunderstand me. When I was Catholic, I believed Jesus took my sins on the cross so I could be with Him in heaven. I accepted this and loved Him as Catholic. However, due to years of indoctrination I could not see through the rules and dogma that was pounded in my head year after year.I came to the realization that I didn’t need the sacraments to be saved and trusted His finished work completely (maybe that’s what you mean by personal relationship) The Lord was patient and lovingly lead me out.I could not even say Jesus is Lord without the Holy Spirit in the RCC. There are Christians in many false/apostate Christian churches as well as Catholic..and the request is the same..”Come out of her my people”…

      5. Dear Sue

        Shalom, and welcome with this reflective comment:

        You wrote:

        There are Christians in many false/apostate Christian churches as well as Catholic..and the request is the same..”Come out of her my people”…

        My reply.

        Surely. I was also a non-Believing practicing Catholic. When I came to faith, I started my life with Jesus in a Word of Faith congregation. It took me 18th mounts before I was able to leave. Gradually, I realized that this «Church» was based on another form of deception. Not praying to mother Mary, does not make anyone a follower of Jesus. To follow Him, you have to surrender to Him. You do not focus on your self, and the blessings that are suppose to come your way, promised by teachers of the false Prosperity Gospel.

      6. Dear Ivarfjeld,

        Thank you for your reply. Yes, it’s pretty easy to jump from the pan to the fire. I went to a very popular mega church..when the pastor started praising Billy Graham week after week and the “Christian rap music” was played during praise and worship..I found the exit doors. Now I understand the Mega church/Rick Warren deception and the Dominionist Movement and the Church Growth Movement. I don’t know a lot about Word-Faith but know some people very deceived there as well. I guess it does focus on what you can’s the gimmie gospel. Ha. Have you read the book Christ the Healer by FF Bosworth? If so, do you consider that Word of Faith? Just wondering…
        Have a great day.

      7. Dear Sue.

        Shalom, and thanks for making this blog an exciting site for debate.

        You wrote:

        I guess it does focus on what you can’s the gimmie gospel.

        My reply:

        Well said. The gospel is not about me. The Word of Faith Movement put me in the center of my faith. «Jesus» is a tool I can summon to get my will done. There are many false teachers around. Jesus the Messiah warned us in advance. We need to focus on Him and walk close to Him, to be able to overcome different temptations and false teachings.

        I have not read the book of FF Bosworth. There are many good books. Keep on recommending.

      8. Hi Ivarfjeld,

        Well, you can get it on amazon and probably in the library. It was written in 1920 (approx.)and it’s all about his healing ministry. Many Word of Faith preachers took their inspiration from him. I personally liked the book..and his focus is the gospel and not just what you can get out of it. Still, I can see how some may read this book as W of F. It you read it, I’d like to hear your response to it.

  3. Whose mind is the smallest and simplest? The mind that cannot believe or trust “the eternal,” or the mind capable of embracing the Creator who lives from everlasting to everlasting. A wise man once said, “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.” That wise man was Jesus Christ. Of course, the truly simple minded will say, “I don’t need god to be happy.” Let them sleep on.

  4. ivarfjeld, yes pray for him, it might mitigate what’s really there. Some of the Fatima warnings come to mind here. The price of freedom is vigilance. The Pope is not the Church Universal, the people are. He is no John Paul II, the greatest so far.

  5. Actually, he did not promise Muslims anything let alone life eternal. If you read the quote carefully, all he said was that Christians, Muslims and Jews all “believe…they are destined for eternal life.” These statements are carefully worded to sound conciliatory, politically correct yet religiously evasive.

    1. Mike you are absolutely right on. Pope Benedict and all popes are very often misquoted or misrepresented.

      Good catch. The author of this blog has an agenda. We need to keep him straight.

  6. Dear Mike.

    The Pope often speaks about the Muslims as children of Abraham, and a part of God´s plan of salvation. Well and good. But what about the Jewish Messiah? There is no other way than through Him, for those who is included in God`s plan of salvation.

    1. Ivar, God works the way God works. All creatures on earth are creations of God, which by definition, are good.
      You need to learn your theology. Faith in God is a whole pie. The Church Christ founded, the Catholic Church, is also the whole pie. Jews, Muslims, Protestants, even Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses, even those who never heard of Christ, even babies in the womb who were not given the opportunity to know Christ, have some part of the plan of salvation. Even you! The only ones who have no part of salvation are those who know that Jesus is Lord, and reject him.

  7. First, Why do you need to put hope in anyone? Are you that hopeless that you don’t have faith in yourself? “If at first you dont succeed, try and try again”, Imm sure all of you would have come across that saying? what does that tell you? believe in yourself. If you are in a ship thats sinking and you get down on your knees and start praying to an invisible no existent being, will that get you anywhere? or will actually doing something give you a chance to survive?

    The days of GOD are slowly coming to an end. Those who still believe in these child stories should come to realize its the 21st century. Its the time to let go the invisible hand that has dragged mankind down for centuries on end. Its time to open your eyes, learn, explore, let go, live life free, dont be afraid to question. EDUCATE yourselves.

  8. Regarding prayer for Pope Benedict, I am reminded of the words at John 17:9. Jesus prayers were reserved for his actual footstep followers and not for the world. And of course there are God’s own words which commanded Jeremiah, “”As for you, do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry of prayer for them, and do not intercede with me, for I do not hear you.” (Jer. 17:6 RS) Because her doom was sealed, it would have been futile for Jeremiah to have prayed for that apostate nation of Israel in his day.

  9. Dear Mike.

    My prayer for Pope Benedict is that he will repent. I feel Jer 17:6 is a warning to not bless people like the present Pope. That we shall not participate in his sins?

  10. Dear Ivarfjeld,

    Days of SATAN!!!!!

    lol.. freaked you out a bit didnt i?

    well if all goes well, a golden age. time for true life where people from all corners of the world live in harmony without any killings all in the name of a god.

    the bible, quran, blah blah blah i.e “Simple literature” is writen to express the time and era that it is writen, at the time these books were writen it was a very educated un informed world, things were explained by any means possible or impossible.

    we however are in a different world where we dont need to believe in magic/miracles/god/creator/tooth fairy to answer questions.

    Its such a shame how simple literature has brainwashed entire populations. Stripped people away from free will and rationality.

  11. Dear Chris.

    Anyone who kills is the name of God, is not a follower of Jesus. I hope you can agree on that. Jesus came and said: «By loving one another, people will come to know that your are my students».

    I am his student, and I will continue to refuse to hit others. My task is to express the love of Jesus in words and actions.

    1. Dear Ivarfjeld,

      Do you need someone to tell u that? So if jesus had not made that statement you would not love one another? plus do you need jesus to tell you what is right and what is wrong? would you not be able to figure that out by your self?

      anyways it is hopeless talkin to a bunch of drones… i guess your life is full of meaning as you sit and tell god/jesus how good he is. tell him to get rid of AIDS and cancer while you are at it, considering he hasnt done anything since he created the world, its about time he got off his fat ass off his fluffy chair up in the clouds.

      see ya in hell people… you are worshipping the wrong god…
      its never too late… give zeus, or thor, or vishnu, or allah a buzz.. see if they answer.. or maybe posiedon or mars or the flying noodly monster :)…


      1. “He hasn’t done anything since he created the world…”

        He created you. You need to thank him for that.

        You want to stop AIDS in its tracks? Stop having sex outside of marriage, stop having sex with those of your sex. Your purpose on earth is to be purified. like steel in the fire. You cannot get out of school without being tested. Life is your test for whether you receive graduation into heaven.

  12. Dear David.

    You wrote:

    The author of this blog has an agenda.

    My comment:

    I hope we all have an agenda. And that we all seek the truth, and are willing to speak the truth.

  13. Interesting that while there are prayers of repentance in the Bible, there are not prayers for specific persons to repent. Can you think of one instance? And although Jesus offered prayers for his followers, never once did he pray for the unrepentant religious leaders of his day. Even the Lord’s, Model, or “Our Father” prayer did not include praying for such ones. Agreed that he died for anyone in the world, the entire world, in fact, provided they exercised faith in him, but repentance comes first, then the forgiveness and the prayers. Furthermore, the prayers uttered by those who disregard God’s Word, shed blood, etc., do not receive a favorable hearing from God, their prayers being “detestable” to Him. (Pr 15:29; 28:9). While I pray that all men will repent, I do not do so for those who pass themselves off as ‘entrusted with the truth’ but who are like the religious leaders of whom Jesus wrote: “…who like to walk about in robes and like greetings in the marketplaces and front seats in the synagogues and most proiminent places… These will receive a heavier judgement.” (Mark 12:40, James 3:1)

  14. Dear Mike.

    Luke 6:28
    bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

    Well, thats what Jesus told us to do. Its not easy to pray for those who mistreat us. Neither is is easy to bless those who curses us. But it is the right thing to do.

    A Jewish lady who survived the Holocaust, was able to forgive the Chief Nazi camp Officer. She found peace in her new faith in Jesus the Messiah, and said:

    «If I dont forgive this man, I will end up in the same prison as he».

  15. «If I dont forgive this man, I will end up in the same prison as he»

    so the only reason why yall do “the right thing” is because of fear that you will be punished in the afterlife? not because of pure kindness? how sad.. very sad… 🙂

  16. Dear Chris.

    This lady was speaking about an emotional prison. We become bitter, and full of hate, when we are not able to forgive. When a survivor of the Holocaust was able to forgive, so should we.

    Jesus took all sins, also yours Chris. When I met Him, He set me free from my emotional prison.

  17. “When I met Him, He set me free from my emotional prison.”

    so lost… i think u need to see a shrink my friend…

  18. Good verse. Yes, I was also thinking of Luke 6:28, as well as Matthew 5:44, where Jesus said to pray for your enemies, but he also stated in what sense, “that YOU may prove yourselves sons of your father in heaven.” I forgive easily, I just don’t pray for unrepentant religious leaders.

    “If a man should sin against a man, God will arbitrate for him, but if it is against God that a man should sin, who is there to pray for him?” — 1 Samuel 2:25

  19. Chris.

    May God bless you, and lead you to repentance. I cant loose you, mate. I need to go to a meeting. Have a blessed evening.

  20. Mike.

    Thanks for you letters. We all forgets to bless our enemies. Please help me to keep Chris and the other bloggers in our prayers.

    Have a blessed evening.

  21. Why don’t you read 1 Cor 15:22: For as in Adam all die, so in Christ ALL will be made alive (NIV, emphasis in capital is mine) and Titus 2:11: For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to ALL men (NIV, emphasis in capital is mine). Does the word “ALL” in the above two verses include Muslims – in fact everybody on earth? Christ came down to earth to save the lost (Luke 19:10) and sinners (1 Tim 1:15). Do sinners and the lost include Muslims?

  22. As the context shows, that verse does apply to all of dead mankind who are awaiting a resurrection. Yes, Christ’s sacrifice in all inclusive, except for those which Paul later described in Hebrews 10:26,27: “If we practice sin willfully after having received an accurate knowledge of truth, there is no longer any sacrifice for sins left., but there is a certain fearful expectation of judgement and there is a fiery jealousy that is going to consume those in opposition.” And at John 3:16, while indicating there is salvation for those exercising faith in Jesus, also shows that destruction awaits the rest. We let God be the judge, but judge he will.

  23. Dear David.

    You wrote:

    I meant an anti-Catholic agenda

    My comment:

    My agenda is a pro-Messiah agenda. I quote Him, and serve Him.

  24. Dear Vivator.

    Paul explains that all who believe in Him shall be made alive.

    That is a promise to all men on Earth. (John 3.16). The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob promised Abraham, that He would become a blessing to all nations. (Gen 12:1-3).

    He has kept His promise, by sending His only begotten Son, to die for the sins of all. The Son of Man was a Jew, who became our passover Lamb. He alone has payed the perfect atonement for our sins. Once and for all.

  25. Dear Mike.

    You wrote:

    If we practice sin willfully

    My comment:

    When we sin, we sin against God. «A willfull sin» is committed when we justify our wrong actions. I have the right, and so on…We need to confess to Jesus, that in our imperfect state of flesh, we are all sinners. Like Paul, after he is saved, says: «What I should not have done, I am doing». Paul explains that there will always be an ongoing battle between the Spirit within us, and our sinful nature.

  26. Hello. I’m trying to find the source of this agreement said to have been made by the Vatican to cease evangelizing the Jewish people. Does anyone know where this can be authenticated?

  27. Actually it was Paul who wrote that, not I. Willful sin goes farther than being self-justifying. It is not sin committed in weakness due to imperfection, like Paul explained, “what i should not have done I am doing.” God’s gift, Jesus sacrifice, covers us all for that type of sin, the sins we all make out of weakness because we are imperfect. But a “willful” sinner makes a practice of sin, without repentance, showing no regard for this precious gift. The BIBLE IN BASIC ENGLISH puts it, “they do evil on purpose.” (Hebrews 10:26) But the point being, for such ones, “there is no longer any sacrifice for sins left.” (NWT) TODAY’S ENGLISH VERSION indicates how unrepentant sinners view the gift of Christ’s sacrifice “as a cheap thing.” (vs. 29)

    Such ingrates are in no position to benefit from the free gift of Christ’s sacrifice.

  28. Dear Steve.

    We only have the Chief rabbi´s word for this. He has given a comment to Jerusalem Post. It seems this has been said in one of the closed meetings. I will try to find the Vatican source for this. If you come across it, please let me know.

  29. Dear Mike.

    You wrote:

    But a “willful” sinner makes a practice of sin, without repentance.

    My comment:

    Exactly. Without repentance. Let me explain from my own life. How many times have my son rebuked me, for eating his piece of chocolate from the fridge. If I try to justify this wrong doings, I will be making a mockery of my Faith. I keep on telling my son, that I shall surely try my best to improve. And I have to give it my best shoot.

  30. Dear Steve.

    This is the original link to Jerusalem Post:

    In a speech given shortly after his visit to the Western Wall on Tuesday, Pope Benedict XVI praised the efforts between Jews and Catholics to bolster religious tolerance and mutual understanding, and promised to deepen the cooperation between the Vatican and Jews around the world.

    Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger:

    «I wish to thank you, Your Holiness – for your historic agreement and the commitment given by the Vatican, that the Church will henceforth desist from all missionary and conversion activities amongst our People,” he said. “This is for us an immensely important message».

  31. Oh My This is not good. Forgive us for our sins and remove our blindness Lord Jesus that we may SEE and know your WORD place it in our heart. ivarfjeld may the Lord Bless you and keep you strong to deliver the Truth to an unwilling people who will not hear.
    Sandra Lee a servant of our Lord Jesus

    1. Dear Sandra Lee.

      Shalom, and welcome with all kinds of feedback. Thanks for blessings me. When you do a deep study of the Roman Catholic faith, you will see that it is not a Christian faith. Many Catholics can not stand people who teach correctly from the Bible, and rebuke paganism in the Vatican. The Spirit of Rome is not the Holy Spirit, but a very dangerous religious spirit that claims to be the Holy Spirit.

  32. And I agree with you I come out of the catholic religion and It is not good…..I love my neighbor but am against catholic theology

  33. Ivar,

    Let me just say I love your website and want to thank you for all the wonderful articles.

    Regarding praying for the Pope, I’m aware that Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies and for those who persecute us, however God has an endtime plan that will not be thwarted.

    It’s clear that the Pope is going to play a huge endtime role as false prophet in bible prophecy, whether it is this current pope of the next pope, or both. Discerning Christians have known this for quite awhile and now we see it coming to pass.

    As it is written in the scriptures, we know in advance that the pope, unfortunately, will not be saved and will not come to Christ. So why pray for him? If this is our prayer, wouldn’t this be going against the word of God who has preplanned from the foundations of the world the endtime scenario to come to pass exactly as written? Wouldn’t praying for the pope be going against the Almighty’s plan for mankind and possibly cause a delay in the Lord’s second coming and the rapture of the church?

    What would happen, hypothetically, if everyone in the entire world prayed for the pope’s salivation and the pope suddenly stripped himself of his blasphemous robe, threw off his beanie, and begin praising the true God Yeshua, dancing in the streets and denouncing Catholicism?

    Well first, we know this will never happen. Secondly, what about the book of Daniel? What about bible prophecy? Are we attempting to change prophecy by praying for the pope and thereby setting the clock back as far as end time events? Would this prayer keep true believers on the earth maybe 7-10 years longer waiting for our blessed hope? Would our prayers that the pope turns from his wicked ways and becomes a true Christian cause a disruption in God’s holy timeline for his second coming?

    Ivar, I know you have the best of intentions, but I am not going to pray for the pope’s salvation.

    I will pray what my LORD AND KING has commanded us to pray, THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE!

    Yes, Jesus, may your kingdom, O’ Lord! May your perfect plans, timing, and purposes come to pass for this world. Not mine, but yours, O’ Lord. May we have discernment and a double portion of wisdom in these last days. May only your perfect plans come to pass, Jesus, and may I never utter a prayer that it not in line with Your Holy Will.

    Even So, Come Lord Jesus!

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