Arab Palestinians ordered to stop buying from Jews

Palestinian Economic Minister Hassan Abu Libdeh on Thursday threatened Palestinian Arabs who do their weekly grocery shopping at Jewish supermarkets in Judea and Samaria.

Hassan Abu Libdeh promotes Arabic racism against Jews they ought to live in peace with.

In an interview with Al-Watan TV, Libdeh took aim at the thousands of Palestinians who shop at the two Rami Levy grocery stores located in Sha’ar Binyamin in Samaria and Mishor Adumim in Judea.

Libdeh said that the Palestinian Authority knows the names of those who shop at Rami Levy, and suggested action could be taken against their families if they do not stop.

In addition to those who shop at the supermarkets, a number of Palestinian Arabs are also employed at the two Rami Levy locations.

The new shopping ban comes just days after the PA revealed that Palestinians who do not stop working for Jewish contractors would face up to five years in prison.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

The Arab Palestinians are not forced to visit Supermarkets in Samaria and Judea. I guess they are shopping there, because they get good service and value for money?

When the Arab Palestinian leaders orders their brothers and sisters to boycott these centers, they curse their own population. Because by boycotting enterprises in Jewish settlements, their undermine the very companies that gives Arabs jobs.

And without jobs, they will have no income. And without income, they will become hungry and violent.

This was the same way the Fascists were misguiding the people of Europe in the 1920-ties and 1930-ties. Blame the problems you have on the Jews. And when things get worse, kill them.

Whats the solution?

Go and buy the double amount of goods from Israel, and support the Jewish people.

One thought on “Arab Palestinians ordered to stop buying from Jews

  1. Actually a boycott would be better since the money goes directly to Israel who persists on building settlements and not withdrawing from Palestinian territory.

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