Austrian neo-Nazis support the Ayatollah´s nuclear bomb

The right wingers in Austria has issued death threats to leaders of organizations that tries to stop the Ayatollah getting a nuclear bomb.

There seems to be no major differense. Their common enemy is the Jews.

This is confirmed by Austia-born Simone Dinah Hartmann, who is leading the «Stop Bomben» campaign. This organisaion has offices in five European contries, and have been able to get corporations to cancel trade agreements with Mahmoud Ahmadinejads Iran.

The web site «» is not related to the Austrian «Freedom party». But Heartman warns that the neo-Nazis in Austria is working hard to infiltrate the right wing political entry.

The neo-Nazis in Austria defend a nuclar Iran from their common hate towards the Jewish people.

Austria seems to seek even closer ties with the mullahs. Instead of isolating the Islamic Republic, Vienna just welcomed Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran’s foreign minister, who in 2006 gave the opening speech at Tehran’s Holocaust denial conference.

While most European countries have reduced their business ties with the mullahs, Austrian exports to Iran, including sophisticated machinery and electronic goods, rose by almost 6 per cent in 2009, reaching approximately €350 million.

That figure is even more astounding given that during last year’s world financial crisis, Austrian exports to the rest of the world fell 20 per cent. Several Austrian companies are suspected of working with front companies affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Citing information provided by the companies’ own Web sites, Emanuele Ottolenghi writes in his recent book «Under a Mushroom Cloud: Europe, Iran and the Bomb» that Tech Hydropower, a company owned by the Austrian Andritz group, is involved in the construction of an Iranian dam on behalf of Sepazad Engineering, the Guard’s engineering branch.

As «Azadi» the call for freedom, was heard throughout the streets of Tehran this summer, the Austrian Chambers of Commerce organized an Iran seminar to intensify business ties with the mullah dictatorship. During the visit of a high-ranking Iranian business delegation to Austria in March of last year, the president of the Chambers of Commerce, Christoph Leitl, who like Foreign Minister Spindelegger is a member of the conservative party, clearly stated his vision for future trade between the two countries.

Kurt Waldheim was a Nazi officer during World War II

The Mottaki visit on 25th of April was no aberration. Vienna has a long tradition of appeasing the Islamic Republic. In 1984, Austrian Social-Democrat Erwin Lanc was the first Western foreign minister to visit Iran after the Islamic Revolution. Kurt Waldheim, the Austrian president whose term in office was darkened by revelations about his Nazi past, became the first Western head of state to pay the regime in Tehran a courtesy visit in 1991. Waldheim even placed a wreath at Ayatollah Khomeini’s sarcophagus. His trip to Tehran paved the way for further visits by high-ranking politicians from other Western European countries—especially from Germany.

Source: Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

My comment:

That the former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim was a Nazi officer during World war II, seems to have been forgotten. The neo-Nazis has one thing in common with the old. They hate the Jewish people.

If you want to harm the Jewish people, you will work hard to get rid of the state of Israel. All kinds of United Nation related organizations seems to have this common goal. Its understandable that a man like Kurt Waltheim chose to work with the Islamic Word in the UN. He was the head of «the perfect tool» to complete what Hitler did not manage.

3 thoughts on “Austrian neo-Nazis support the Ayatollah´s nuclear bomb

    1. Dear Goldstien

      Sabbath Shalom.

      You wrote:

      My support goes to Iran 110%! End world Zionism!

      My reply:

      That is an endorsement of a World wide nuclear holocaust. Are you a neo-Nazi?

  1. Maybe you got something wrong? Kurt Waldheim was never a “Nazi officer”, but a Wehrmacht officer. There had not been a choice for being drafted into Wehrmacht. Waldheim was cleared of such charges, once before he became UN secretary general, and later by an historical investigation board.
    There are still some hardline Nazis in Austria, most of them closely cooperating with islamistic organizations. However, Waldheim never has been part of them.

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