Norway: Slab high taxes on Jewish goods to bring end to occupation of Jerusalem

«Impose heavy taxes on imported goods made by Jews that occupy Palestinian land».

The Norwegian Socialist leader debates with Orthodox Jews during his visit to East Jerusalem.

This is the suggestion from Bård Vegar Solhjell, a former Cabinet minister in Norway. Last week the former minister traveled directly from Ben Gurion Airport to East Jerusalem, to drink afternoon coffee with Arab Palestinian leaders.

«Norway must become a force in the effort to bring an end to the Israeli politics of occupation. We do not want to harm Israel, but stop the occupation of Palestine that is a violation of International law», explains Solhjell. He is presently the leader of the Socialist group in the Norwegian Parliament, that is a part of the ruling Center Left Government.

«We need to debate the issue of holding back aid to the Palestinians, if they refuse to negotiate about peace. But it is Israel who is responsible for the unsettled situation, that there is no negotiation table to return to», claims Solhjell.

Source: Norwegian Daily Newspaper «Aftenposten».

My comment:

The Norwegian Government includes central politicians that are upporting members of the «Norwegian Action committee for Palestine». A visit to their official web site might surprise you: This secular pro Palestinian movement arrange holiday visits to «Al Quds»

For people who are not accustomed to Islam, «Al Quds» is the Muslim name of Jerusalem. Within Islam the name of «Jerusalem» is deleted, and Israel removed from every map.

The English translation of the Muslim name of the claimed to be capital of «Palestine» is «The Holy». So the secular Socialist`s`in Norway seems to have turned religious, and do visit what they believe is a Holy Islamic city.

The truth is that blunt Jew-hate drives secular people to side with Islam. You will probably have to search in vain, to find more ridicules people.

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