Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has delivered four keynote speeches rebutting Holocaust-deniers Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mahmoud Abbas.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants the World to learn from the Holocaust.

Week end comment

By Mike Adams

Netanyahu assumed the office of Prime Minister for the second time in his political career on March 31, 2009. A year on and commentators have majored on achievements in economy, security and public policy that have faded into the background because of relational tensions with the US, the stalemated peace process, and the Iran issue. The PMs oratory achievements have, however, been unfairly overlooked.

Although speaking engagements have little value in assessing a man’s merits, when Netanyahu has expounded on the Holocaust, it has been a powerful tool in sledge-hammering some stakes into the ground where Jewish post-war integrity is concerned.

Netanyahu’s own integrity is being tested in balancing domestic policy between satisfying the aspirations of the left who chant the “two-state solution” mantra and the right who fear that Bibi will “sell them out”. If they have really listened to his speeches from the past year they will find lucid answers to what the man is all about. There are four major speeches in which he emphasises the following issue: You cannot under any circumstances negotiate with Holocaust-deniers internally or internationally.

Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem has as its motto “Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future”. Netanyahu is an outspoken exponent of these typical Jewish values. His words carry weight because he continually identifies with his roots and heritage. He is also explicit in presenting Israel as a powerhouse for the world to come.

The smasher, “Have You No Shame” speech, at the UN General Assembly on September 24, 2009, was, by any standards, a damning refutation to all Jew-hating Holocaust-deniers. Netanyahu showed by infallible proofs, including holding up the original construction plans for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, that the slaughtering of six million Jews is not a lie, but was the expressed will of a few select men on a hideous mission. Netanyahu’s visit in August to the Wansee Villa in Berlin, where the Final Solution was laid bare, had left a lasting impression.

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with nuclear weapons is not just a threat to the State of Israel but to the whole world was Bibi’s message to the delegates from around the globe gathered in New York. His polemic included a section on Palestinian Arab terrorism. Mahmoud Abbas’ name was not specifically mentioned, but should have been.

While Ahmadinejad could be designated the “big Satan” in the twisted world of anti-Semitism, Mahmoud Abbas could well be dubbed the “little Satan”. Too few know, or wish to know, that Abbas earned his doctoral degree from Moscow Oriental College with a dissertation entitled “The Other Side: The secret relations between Nazism and the leadership of the Zionist movement”. He asserts that the Zionist leaders actually gave Hitler permission “to treat Jews as they wish”, and that after World War Two it was the Zionist movement that spread the word that the “war of extermination was aimed primarily at the Jews”. The number of Jews killed in the war was “only a few hundred thousand”. Abbas tops it all off by claiming that gas chambers were not used in the killings.

In a speech given January 25 at the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority International Holocaust Memorial Day, Netanyahu praised Yad Vashem for “tabulating the basic evidence of the greatest crime in history”. He talked about the spread of evil that “expands and devours the innocent” the conclusion being to “stop bad things when they are small”. Little and big Mahmoud’s plans for Israel will never reach any kind of consummation whether by “marriage” (read: a two-state solution) or by “closure” (read: complete destruction) if Bibi acts the way he talks.

On January 27 the ceremony in Poland commemorating 65 years since the liberation of Auschwitz saw Netanyahu reminding his audience of Poles and Jews of what “Amalek’s Nazis” were capable of in the death camps which Holocaust author, Yehiel Dinoor, called “another planet”. The Israeli PM made an emphatic statement underscoring the Yad Vashem speech made two days prior: “The most important lesson of the Holocaust is that a murderous evil must be stopped early, when it is still in its infancy and before it can carry out its designs”. Stopping the Amalekites Abbas and Ahmadinejad will mean employing two slightly different strategies, but nevertheless, there is no way back when you have decided that a state has to do what a state has to do – with or without the help of Israel’s bullying big brother known as the Obama administration. It seems that the Americans are like aliens from outer space when coming to terms with the real menace posed by the unpunished malefactors in Teheran and Ramallah. We have but a crude idea of what the Amalekite brothers in arms are capable of doing parallel to the US fully endorsing the Palestinian Authority and half-heartedly sanctioning Iran.

In his address on April 11, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day Ceremony, Bibi took things up a notch by saying that an important lesson of the Holocaust was to “fight evil”, and to anyone doubting the status of Jerusalem he remarked: “we returned to Zion because it is our city”. Abbas has no claims, and neither does Ahmadinejad, on God’s eternal property leased to Isaac’s and Jacob’s descendants, not Ishmael’s or Esau’s.

The coming year will see Benjamin Netanyahu having to confront the gravest issues in Israel’s 62 years as a reborn state. No amount of speechmaking will bring about de facto change. Rhetoric has to give way to bomb disposal expertise, big time.