Israel forced to give Hebron and Nablus back to Islamic soldiers

IDF announced on Tuesday that it has drawn up plans to withdraw to positions it held in the Judea and Samaria before the outbreak of the Second Intifada.

IDF soldiers on patrol is the only force that can secure peace for the settlers in Judea and Samaria.

The Obama administration has put fresh pressure on the Israeli Government ahead of an expected visit by US special Mideast envoy George Mitchell. The IDF is expected to push back from cities like Hebron aand Nablus, that was included in Israeli security operations during the second intifada in September 2000.

US President Barack Obama reportedly listed an IDF withdrawal to pre-intifada positions as part of his demands on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when the two met under tense circumstances at the White House last month.

«The IDF has plans for this possibility and is prepared for a scenario that Israel will approve the American demand and decide to pull back to pre-intifada lines» a top defense official recently told The Jerusalem Post.

US General Keith Dayton has trained several battalions of Palestinian Authority police officers and the Obama administration wants the IDF to pull out of Palestinian cities and allow these «Dayton forces» to take over security there.

Source: Jerusalem Post and

My comment:

The US has got a lot of unpleasant surprises in Afghanistan. One of them is the chameleon nature of the Muslims in Afghanistan.

Washington has spent hundreds of millions of US dollars in training Afghan security forces, just to find some of them operating with the Taliban the next week. Many Afghan soldiers are payed by the US during day time, but do «freelance» work among the Taliban during the night shifts. The very next morning the armed Afghans are back to serve their main employer.

General Keith Dayton might be educating the Taliban of the Middle East in the US military bases in Ramallah. The US Administration do simply not have the clue about who they are dealing with.

For Israel this is a huge security concern. The Dayton forces of today, might be the next generation of Hamas terrorists tomorrow.

One thought on “Israel forced to give Hebron and Nablus back to Islamic soldiers

  1. Well,what can one say Obama is helping whole heartedly supporting the Arabs and Jews are giving way to the pressure.What I can’t understand is as to why they don’t refer the Bible to see how the YHWH The Lord God of Abraham Isack and Jackob used to deliver them from their enemies.Our God is a living God.As for Obama he is serving his god.

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