Hamas closed the smuggling tunnel`s into Gaza at passover to avoid freelance use by Al Quada.

Hamas closed the smuggling tunelles, and enfored the first full blockade of Gaza.

The Israeli Government was puzzled by a sudden closure of the smuggling tunnels from Egypt into Gaza.  The closure was not caused by a sudden over supply of pop corn among the Gazans. Neither was the suprise self-imposed Gaza blockade provoked by a new tunnel- tax impossed on Islamic terrorists.

A tunnel can obviously become a dangerous trap, if its used by unautorized persons.

When Hamas seems to be satisfied by holding one Israeli soldier in captivity, Al Quada cells in Gaza wanted to kidnap more Israelis to raise som fresh funds. The best way to get the cash, would obviously be to capture Jews in the Sinai desert, and transport them among Iran missile fuel through the tunnels into Gaza.

The smuggling tunnels became big busiess when such tunnels were in short supply. Today there is a smuggler`s crisis inside Gaza, because there are to many smugglers and to few rocket`s to be transported.  The tunellers have also become a huge security problem for Hamas. Freelance terrorists seems to be using them, without approval from the Hamas Military command.

Earlier the Hamas leadership had their hands on the remote control, and rockets was fired into Israel only when the green lights were given from Damascus or Iran.  Today, Hamas seems to have no clue what the freelancers are smuggling into Gaza, to be used as weapons against Israel.

Since the EU has recognized Hamas as a legitimize ruler in Gaza, and granded its leadership diplomatic immunity as «partners for peace», it would simply be a public relation distater to suddently have half a dozen of kidnapped Israelies inside Gaza.  Osama Bin Laden and his men seems to care less about the political victory acheived in Syria and Iran. Hamas had to act, to avid the radicals spoiling the party.

As long as the Euro´s and Dollars are flowing into the secret bank accounts of «moderat Muslims» both Egypt and Hamas secured the return of 650 Israelies from Sinai.

The new slogan from the Sinai community:  Lets give Osama the booth. Keep the tunnel´s closed.  Dont worry. In the end, Israel will surtely be blammed.