Deeper insight`s on Richard Goldstone and Hamas

The good news is, no one is taking Hamas’s «investigation» very seriously. The bad news is, it almost doesn’t matter.

A man on a mission. Richard Goldstone

Fresh arrows from Aaron in Jerusalem

If you’ve been reading the news lately you know that the United Nations sent a commission of inquiry to Gaza following the war Israel fought against Hamas there last winter. It was led by a South African judge named Richard Goldstone, a prominent member of the South African Jewish community.

The «Goldstone Report» charged that both Hamas and Israel committed war crimes during the fighting. Hamas reacted by issuing a report that it had done a thorough investigation and found that none of the bad things said about it in the report was true and all the bad things it said about Israel WERE true.

The good news is, no one is taking Hamas’s “investigation” very seriously. The bad news is, it almost doesn’t matter because nearly everyone in the International Community is focusing on the fact that the report (made by a commission led by a Jew) is critical of Israel. Israel is getting severely criticized in several forums over the report, most notably by the European Union and the United Nations.

Get ready to copy Aarons arrows

A few weeks ago, the IDF FINALLY responded by issuing its own report, and made it available to the public. It’s available here at this link.

It’s long, but it contains many previously classified pictures, and other captured intelligence which answers all the charges of the Goldstone Report and also shows that Hamas used human shields during the fighting to inflate the numbers of Palestinian civilians killed and also to deter Israeli troops from firing on them while they launched missiles at Israel’s civilian population centers.

You can use this information to make the case for Israel in your letters to your elected officials, the editorial page of your local newspapers and other forums.

Also, there is a growing threat that Iran, Syria and Hizbullah are looking to provoke another conflict with Israel along the Northern Border to distract world attention away from Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Leaders of all three organizations have been making many statements lately about how Israel is provoking such a conflict, and in the past they have done this prior to starting trouble themselves so that they could point the finger at Israel and say “See, we told you so!”

So what I’m asking you to do is make a lot of noise about this. Call your elected representatives and tell them that they need to warn Iran/Syria/Hizbullah not to start a war with Israel and then say it was Israel’s fault. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper about how they are trying to say Israel is threatening war with Lebanon and Syria when really it is them that is provoking a war. Call in to radio talk shows and talk about it.

The war everyone is worried about will happen this summer might be prevented if enough people publicly call Iran’s bluff. Iran is the country that is stirring up all these other countries and terrorist organizations on Israel’s borders to try and distract the world from their own nuclear weapons program and their support of terrorism. If enough people tell them they’re not fooling anybody, then maybe they’ll back off, and even if they don’t, then if they do start a war everyone will know whose fault it really is.

There are two books I encourage everyone to read and encourage your friends to read.

“The Secret War with Iran” by Ronen Bergman


“The Rise of Nuclear Iran” by Dore Gold.

Also, here is a link to a study recently conducted by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on the vulnerability of Iran to economic sanctions, please read it and pass it on.

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