UK Government: «The Temple Mount is not in Israel»

This is a shameful British decision.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Market is angry with the British Government.

These are the words of Jerusalem Mayor Thursday he called the British decision to ban Israeli tourist advertisements for shameful. The ban includes listed holy sites in east Jerusalem as part of a tourism itinerary in Israel.

The advertisement, which the Israel Government Tourist Office placed in British newspapers, included a photo of Judaism’s Western Wall with Islam’s Dome of the Rock.

Calling the Western Wall «the heart and soul of the Jewish people and the State of Israel», Barkat said Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority had made a «shameful accusation showing a complete ignorance of history».

Source: Reuters-Washington Post.

My comment:

Radical Islam claims that there has never been a Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Now the British Government has sided with the Islamic terrorists.

United Kingdom supports blunt Islamic lies and wickedness, harming and defaming the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

To ban Israel from marketing Jewish history in Jerusalem, is like claiming that London is a Roman city, owned by the Italians. Because the city was occupied by the Roman Empire.

Both the German Holy Empire and Adolf Hitler wanted to restore the ancient Roman Empire. The Nazis bombed London, and claimed that the city should surrender and come under control of the «Third Roman Reich», branded to rule the Word for a 1000 years.

In a similar way the British Government now wants Jerusalem to return back under Islamic occupation, and become a cornerstone in the Islamic caliphate that will rule the Word.

4 thoughts on “UK Government: «The Temple Mount is not in Israel»

  1. At this critical hour G-d is warning all the nations:

    “If you will stand against Israel, the apple of My eye and the messenger who brings My light to all of the world, to pressure and destroy My chosen people, then you will be against Me and I will judge you with all of My might.”

    1. Do not be afraid to hear truth…It will be worse if you deny truth and continue to allow yourselves to deceive yourselves!

    2. Dear Michael.

      God of the Bible tests me in my relationship with Israel and the Jewish people. I risk loosing my salvation if i harm them. I do not support Israel because I expect to receive more blessings, like some evangelical Christians do. I support Israel and the Jewish people because it is the right thing to do. The Jews, right or wrong, is the apple of God`s eye. I do not want anyone to pull their finger into this eye. It will be very painful when God finally strikes back….

  2. You are wrong.

    The Temple mount will be given back to the Pope, after it’s loss to the Moslems during the Crusades. The Vatican has a long memory. The British government is in the grip of the Jesuits, as are the leaders of the EU.

    Islam is a bogeyman, which the “Zionist” Israeli government will destroy on behalf of their Vatican masters. Many Jews will die in a second Vatican blood sacrifice to their Babylonian mystery religion.

    And I’m sorry for that.

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