Netanyahu: Only strong Israel can maintain peace in the region

«Twice we have paid the heavy cost of liberating the siege on Jerusalem. First during the War of Independence. Second when the city was bombarded during the Six-Day War».

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu urge the Jewish nation to stand strong and united.

This was the message from the Israeli Prime Minister during the Memorial Ceremony for Fallen Soldiers at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem on Sunday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also said: «Jerusalem had until that time been a divided and weakened city, became once again a city full of life, creativity and renewal».

«Not one day has passed without us reaching out to our neighbors in peace. Not even one day, and we still reach out to those of our neighbors that desire peace. Over the years, we have learned that the olive branches of peace will only be attained if we are strong and are willing to defend our country as did those who have fallen here. It was not out of a lust for battle that they charged this destination and other hills, but out of faith in the justness of the cause of defending the one and only country of the Jewish people….They all believed in the right of the Jewish people to live in peace and security in the land of their forefathers».

Source: Prime Minister’s Office

My comment:

There is peace in the Middle East today because the Jewish nation has been made strong by God of Israel. The Arabs knows that bullying Israel is more costly for them, then for their claimed enemies.

Just ask Israeli Arabs. Can they think of living anywhere else than in the Zionist state?

The Arabs have tried to attack Israel on days they felt she was weak. Like on the day of Yum Kippur in 1973. Even committed Zionist´s was scared that day. Many feared that the Jewish state was on the edge of being destroyed.

A weak Israel makes the whole region unstable. When Israel is humiliated, her enemies rejoice and violence increases. Thats why the best guarantee for peace and prosperity in the Middle East, is a strong and confident Jewish state. Lets support her in all her trouble, and let us rejoice with the Jewish people celebrating 62 years of independence.

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