The Guardian: «Obama must internationalize the Temple Mount»

The only solution for the Holy Basin is, as Bill Clinton proposed in the 1990s, internationalizing it.

The Dome of the rock will one day be changed into a new International temple of all faiths.

This is a suggestion in an editorial comment in the British Newspaper «The Guardian», penned by Carlo Strenger. His comment has the tittle «Obama’s theological Israel mission».

This is what Strenger wrote:

«The only solution for the Holy Basin is, as Bill Clinton proposed in the 1990s, internationalising it. thus avoiding a “victory” of one religion over another».

«Obama will have to address the humanity common to believers of all faiths. He will have to urge them to break the horrible link of filial sacrifice associated with the Temple Mount and Jerusalem’s old city. In doing so, he will have to receive the imprimatur of the Arab League in general, and Saudi Arabia in particular».

Hence Obama’s mission to resolve the Middle East conflict (if he indeed wants to take it on) is of an almost meta-historical magnitude. The reason Obama might be able to pull this off is that he is perceived as a truly global figure: his African father and his partly Muslim origins make him the first US president who might be trusted by the Islamic world.

But how will Israeli Jews accept the internationalisation of the Holy Basin?

Obviously the messianic orthodoxy will not accept it but, according to all polls, this is a small minority. History shows that the willingness of the majority of Israelis to compromise on Jerusalem depends on the extent to which they believe that such compromise will lead to peace and lasting security for Israel. As recent polls show, 70% of Israelis continue to favour the two-state solution, but the same proportion believe that this solution is not attainable in the foreseeable future.

To change Israelis’ pessimism about the possibility of peace, Obama will have to heed Brzezinski’s advice: he will have to bring central figures of the Arab League to Jerusalem; they will have to address the Knesset, thus showing that they truly accept Israel’s existence. This is, no doubt, a tall order. But nothing less will do if Obama wants to fulfil his strategic goal of moving to a more peaceful global order.

Source: The Guardian.

My comment:

The secular press in United Kingdom is absolutely right. President Obama can only bring peace to the Middle East by creating his own theology. It will neither be based on the Christian, Jewish nor Muslim faith.

This new theology will be the base of the end time religion, of all faiths leads to the same god. It will be the theological platform for the false Messiah that will enter Jerusalem, and bring a false «peace» up on Israel.

The problem with Obama´s new theological platform is that it is not based on the truth. Jerusalem is the city of King David, and the capital for the Jewish state of Israel. Jerusalem was never intended to be the capital for a new universal faith, that mock´s the Bible.

When the Temple Mount has become a new international zone, the arena is set for the final anti-Messiah to enter. A wicked man of lawlessness, that will set the final trap for the Jewish people and evangelical Christians. When the temple mount has become the the New Temple of all faiths, the final and ultimate deception has arrived. The true Messiah Jesus of Nazareth will return and bring an end to this universal faith based on lies, cheating and deception.

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