Even Muhammad could not ascend into Heaven from Mecca

Islam explains that Muhammad flew from Mecca on a horse, and ascended into Heaven from a far away Mosque.

Muslims circle around the black stone inside the Mosque in Mecca.

Since the city of Mecca is the Holy city of Islam, many have raised the question why the prophet Muhammad has to leave Mecca to get the Koran.

One of them is Theology Professor Zwi Werblowsky at Hebrew University. He ask two important questions related to Islam:

Why did Muhammad have to come to Jerusalem?

Why did He not ascend to Heaven directly from his residence in the sacred Mosque of Mecca?

Werblowsky responds to his own question with the comment that in todays terms, you could say that even early Islam knew there was no direct flights from Mecca to Heaven. The direct flights took off only to Jerusalem.

But was is Islams connection of Jerusalem?

The Prophet Muhammad lived and was acive in the Arabian peninsula, in Mecca and Medina. He was never even in the city of Jerusalem.  The Koran tells of the winged horse, who transported his servant by night from the sacred Mosque of Mecca to the furthermost Mosque. That is in Arabic «al mashid al aqsa».

From its early days, Islam has identified the furthermost moque with Jerusalem.  Muhammad ascended into Heaven, and brought down the Koran.  The Koran does not mention Jerusalem, not even once. The Koran tells us about a Holy city «Al Quds». The city of Jerusalem was concurred by Islam in the 7th century.

Source: The Magazine Jerusalem Post.

5 thoughts on “Even Muhammad could not ascend into Heaven from Mecca

  1. First of all this is false that I cant believe you posted it. Research it man. You want to paint us Muslims in a bad light?
    Muhammad PBUH never brought down the Quran from his ascension to Heaven. He only met all the Previous Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them)and left with the order from God that Muslims must pray 5 times a day from now on.
    The Quran was revealed through the Angel Gabriel who brought it to Muhammad PBUH bit by bit as God commanded. Never did Muhammad PBUH have to leave Mecca to get the Quran.

    Hope this clears things up a bit.

  2. Muhammad PBUH never needed to go to heaven to reveal to us the marvelous book which we call the Quran. It is said in the Quran that Muhammad PBUH flew on a flying horse(like a pegasus) and ascended to heaven and on his way up he met the prophets (peace be upon them) and met our lord. our told our beloved prophet that his ummah(followers) should pray 50 times a day. He then descended to find Moosa PBUH (Moses) and he told him that his followers could not do this so Muhammad PBUH went back to our lord and he decreased it until it got to 5 daily prayers. then he descended back to earth and went back to mecca.

    as i told u. our prophet never needed to get to the heavens to reveal to us the quran.

    1. Just curious, so please clarify – When you mention lord who is this lord?

      Good for you guys because if you had to pray 50 times a day then when would you have time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner or some water or beverage in between? Ha!! what a relief!!

      O, pardon me!! another confusion – what does this mean?

      Referring to Mohd.. then he descended back to earth and went back to mecca.

      …. and why was he running back and forth to the lord, then to Moses, back to the lord, back to earth and back to mecca?? Pheeww!! that must have been quite a run for poor Muhammed.

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