Dubai catches German shipyard building Israeli subs

Sensitive Israeli technology is not installed on the ships until they arrive in Israel.

Dubai will now get the engineering data on Israeli Dolphin submarines

Abu Dhabi MAR group, based in the UAE, has taken control of 80 percent of the German Shipyards Blohm & Voss. This shipyard is currently building two new Dolphin-class submarines for Israel.

Defense officials concerned deal could impact on future procurement of new missile ships from the company. But Israeli technology is secure.

«What we receive from the Germans is a platform» one official explained. «The sensitive technological systems that we wouldn’t want the UAE to know about are installed in Israel».

The design of the warships would be similar to the existing Israeli Sa’ar 5-class ship, but would be slightly larger to enable it to carry the massive IAI-made Adir radar, capable of providing an extensive over-the-horizon view.

The Israel Navy is also in talks with Blohm & Voss about the possible sale of two 2,000-ton missile ships that would be based on the company’s Meko-class warship.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

The Economic powers of the free Western World has been badly hit by the global recession.  The greed for oil to fuel the overspending life style´s in nations like US and Germany, has given the Arabs ten`s of billions of dollar`s of purchasing power.

The sale of Germany defense industry to Dubai is a stern warning that Muslim controlled regime´s will improve their military capabilities, in a bid to make Israel`s military advantages null and void.

The military capabilities of the Muslim Word will also one blue day start to target Germany and the US them selves.

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