Israel develops tank-defense system of the future

Israel has developed a miniature anti-missile system that detects incoming projectiles and shoots them down before they reach the armored vehicles.

The Israeli tanks will be able to shoot down incoming anti-tank missiles

If successful, the «Trophy» system could radically alter the balance of power against Hizbullah in Lebanon or Hamas in Gaza.

Its performance could also have much wider implications as American troops battle insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Trophy is the first of a series of «active defense» systems to become operational. Such systems aim to neutralize threats before they strike the tank, as opposed to the past when tanks relied on increasingly thick layers of armor.

The tiny Trophy system uses radar to detect incoming projectiles and fires a small charge to intercept them, said Gil, the Trophy’s program manager at Israeli weapons maker Rafael.

After firing, the system quickly reloads. The entire process is automated, and holds fire if the rocket is going to miss the tank. The U.S. and Russia are developing similar systems.

Source: AP-Washington Post

My comment:

The free World has a lot to thank Israel for. The Jewish homeland is the frontiers against despotic regimes in the Middle East. Israeli High tech military technology is used to protect US and British forces against Islamic terrorists both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do we remember to thank Israel for keeping us one step ahead of the fire power of the enemies of liberty and freedom?

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