«Amnesty International is closely linked to pro-Jihadi groups»

Senior Indian human right activist Gita Sahgal quits Amnesty International.

Gita Sahgal warns against violent Islamic influense in Human rights organizations like Amnesty International.

Gita Sahgal warns that Amnesty International is too closely linked to a pro-jihadi group. The Indian women feels her seven years campaigning for women’s rights has been a waste of time.

Sahgal claimed the Amnesty’s links with Moazzam Begg, a former inmate at Guantanamo Bay, and his organisation Cageprisoners were undermining its campaigns.

She was suspended as the interim head of Amnesty’s gender unit in February after the e-mail she sent to her bosses criticising the links with Begg was made public.

Moazzam Begg

53-year-old Sahgal said that she felt that her seven years’ campaigning for women’s rights had been a waste of time due to the charity’s continuing work with the former prison-camp detainee and his group.

«Their continued link to Moazzam Begg and Cageprisoners undermines Amnesty’s claims to stand against gender-based violence and religious discrimination», she said.

«He supports Islamic states where women are second-class citizens», she said.

Source: The Times of India.

My comment:

Islamic funding has changed organizations like Amnesty International and Human Right Watch.

That Islam, and in particular the Sharia law, treat women as second hand citizens are not the worst sides of this religion. Sharia inspired Islam is also targeting the state of Israel.

Both Amnesty International and Human Right Watch have repeatedly released reports that are critical towards Israel, and sides with Islam in regards to Middle East politics.

With Gita Sahgal`s resignation we have got another warning. Islam is trying to whitewash its terrorist image by «buying» organizations we thought were defenders of human rights, democracy and freedom.

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