Arab Palestinians: A two-state-solution is not the solution

77 per cent of the Arab Palestinians reject the idea of a two-state-solution. Only half of the Arabs wants direct talks with Israel.

Jerusalem is the capital of Jewish Israel, and both Jews and Arabs have freedom inside the Zionist state unlike anywere else in the Arab world.

Jerusalem can not be the capital of two states. Almost four out of five Arab Palestinians reject the idea. When the Center for Opinion Polls and Survey Studies at An-Najah University in the so-called West Bank asked for their opinion, 77 per cent rejected the proposed division of Jerusalem.

The poll was conducted between eight and tenth of April.

The majority of the Arab Palestinians also rejects that their leaders should hold indirect talks with representatives of the Israeli government. In regards to holding direct talks, the opinions are divided. 49 per cent support such talks, and 47 per wants other options.

Source: An-Najah University.

My comment:

The two-state-solution is a paper tiger. Neither the Jews nor the Muslims wants to see the land being divided into two states.

Inside Israel there are two million Muslims living with full rights as Israeli citizens.

No Jews will be excepted inside a future Arab Palestine.

And if Islamic forces manage to make an Arab Palestinian statehood «Juderein», I guess the Israeli Arabs still will be welcomed to settle in Hebron or Ramallah because they are Muslims?

If so, this is racism and apartheid.

The state of Israel has brought democracy, freedom and liberty to all its citizens.  The Arabs have brought despotism and poverty on their Muslim brethren. They have landed up being rejected citizenship in Arab nations, and kept as refuges as a tool to target Israel.

The Arabic policy of ethnic cleansing have made the so-called «Palestinians» losers. The Arab Palestinians have also been brainwashed by their leader to opt for a one state solution. Not Israel, but «Palestine». And this state will have Jerusalem as its undivided Islamic capital, a Jerusalem cleansed for everything Jewish.

The only two-state-solution that will work is already in place. The Kingdom of Jordan and the state of Israel.

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