Kuwaiti paper: Syria has given Scuds to Hizbullah to fire on Israel

The Lebanese terror organization has got scud missiles from Syria. That will enable the radical Shi’ite terror militia to target all of Israel.

A mobile launcher of a long range Scud B Missile.

This was reported in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai on Monday. The paper claimed Syria recently delivered Scud missiles to Hizbullah.

The Arabic paper quoted US sources as saying that Israel had sent indirect warnings to Syria through Turkey and Qatar that it would “bomb Lebanese and Syrian targets in case the missiles crossed the border… and reached Hizbullah.”

The paper cited informed Obama administration sources as saying they were well aware of the rumors that longer range weaponry is m aking its way into Hizbullah hands which could pose a risk to large swaths of Israel.

The reports have apparently induced the Senate to hold up the nomination of Robert Ford to become the first US ambassador to Syria in more than four years. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded to the reports on Tuesday during a tour of the North, saying the transfer of advanced Syrian weapons to Lebanon destabilizes the region and is a blatant violation of UN resolutions.

Barak added that the IDF was closely following what was happening in Lebanon but has «no offensive intentions with regards to Lebanon… We recommend that everyone work to retain the quiet».

Source: ICEJ.org

Syria and Iran are the two main sponsors of Islamic terrorism. They have both an outspoken Middle East policy of exporting the Iranian revolution.

The stumbling block for Islam, is the state of Israel. The Jewish homeland must either be destroyed, or an Arabic right to return to the pre 1948 Palestine must take place to make the Jews a minority in Zion.

Feeding Hizbullah with long range missile is a dangerous move by Iran and Syria. The IDF is capable of reducing both the city of Damascus and Tehran to dust and rubble.

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