The slogan «Never Again» is fading, and that there is a very real possibility for a repeat of the Holocaust.

Professor Robert Wistrich is an Israeli-British historian

Hebrew University Professor Robert Wistrich is a prominent Israeli-British historian. He warns that the politics and social attitudes that gave rise to and allowed the Nazi Holocaust to occur are still very much with us.

In his new book «A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad» Robert Wistrich notes that Islam has much more openly conducted a religious war against the Jews in recent years, while Europe and the West have reacted with general indifference to that fact.

«We are in an era once again where the Jews are facing genocidal threats as a people» Wistrich said in an interview with Ha’aretz. «We have not been in that situation for quite a while. And maybe this is the first time since the Holocaust that Jews feel that this is palpable»

Wistrich also acknowledged the enormous rise in anti-Semitism in Europe in recent years, fueled largely by more brazen Muslim populations there.

An annual study done by Tel Aviv University titled «Anti-Semitism Worldwide» revealed that attacks on and harassment of Jews doubled in 2009, especially in Europe and Canada.

In 2008 there were 559 reported incidents of anti-Semitism worldwide. In 2009 that number jumped to 1,129. The UK was the biggest offender, with anti-Semitic incidents there increasing from 112 in 2008 to 374 in 2009. France was close behind, with 50 anti-Semitic incidents in 2008 and 195 in 2009. Canada saw an increase from just 13 anti-Semitic incidents in 2008 to 138 incidents in 2009.

The report noted that the enormous jump in just one year can be attributed to the blurring of lines between hatred of Jews as a people and condemnation of Israel as a nation. In other words, and as many Israelis and friends of Israel have warned, anti-Israel sentiment is the new anti-Semitism.

Source: Israeli magazine, Israel Today.