Israeli PM accept roses from Christians as protest against US pressure

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office did accept a symbolic bouquet of yellow roses on Sunday from Christian friends in the United States.

Christians supports Benjamin Netanyahu in war of words with President Obama.

14.000 roses was given by friends of Israel who were upset about the treatment Benjamin Netanyahu received three weeks ago in the White House from US President Barack Obama.

Representatives of the Christians who pledged the flowers said last week that Netanyahu’s office had declined to accept them, because his advisers were concerned about offending Obama at such a sensitive time, but the Prime Minister’s Office denied this.

Over the past week a compromise was reached whereby the Prime Minister’s Office would accept one bouquet out of 1,200 pledged, and the rest of the 14,000 flowers would be donated to social service organizations in Jerusalem over the weekend, and to IDF soldiers on Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers and on Independence Day.

The response was overwhelming as Christian supporters of Israel went to the Web site of Porter’s Faith2action organization and ordered the flowers, which will be accompanied by a card with the words “Be encouraged, Americans stand with you,” and a quote from Psalms: “The Lord builds up Jerusalem.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

Read more about that war of roses.

2 thoughts on “Israeli PM accept roses from Christians as protest against US pressure

    1. Dear ABFaith.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      People who truly love God will obey His Son, Jesus the Messiah. He will use The Holy Spirit to tell His followers to love and care for the Jewish people. Amen.

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